Suburban toilet

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11 May 2016

Building on its site Zenth began with the installation of a toilet on the pier foundation.For this, he bought the drill TISE.As the storage capacity used plastic barrel 220 liters.The size of the toilet will 1,3h1,5 m.

Digging pits and barrels basement

Toilet we decided to set strictly according to SNIP, which states that from the border area to hozpostroek should be a distance of at least one meter.

first ordinary shovel, he dug a hole for the belt, then took a small, he dug the ground and folded into a bucket, which rises from the ground and freed.So slowly for half a day, brought the depth of the pit to 1.3 m.

Then he took a drill and drilled wells TISE for future pile depth of 1.6 m. Despite the fact that the ground was soft, like plasticine, it rolled intosausages and prevented drilling and excavation.

at each hole depth of 1.6 m, he spent about two hours and that no extension at the bottom of which he decided to do after the drilling of four wells.The expansion will be don

e at a depth of 1.2 m. Each extension he spent about an hour.

For mixing the solution, he bought three pyatidesyatikilogrammovyh bags of cement, of which only half used.The lunch brought sand and granite schebёnku fraction 5-20.

To fill pier foundation he acquired two-meter pipe diameter of 110 mm and a wall thickness of 2.7 mm PVC.

Install barrel and pouring the foundation

Before installing plastic barrels as drainage Zenth schebёnki poured 20 cm, and the top two more buckets of sand and rammed.

made all the necessary preparations, Zenth lowered into the pit plastic barrel, but the pre-drilled holes in it a lot.In the future he plans to fill it in chemicals for the decomposition of feces to the state of the liquid.The space around the barrel, he fell asleep schebёnkoy, spilling water and tamping layer by layer.Schebёnku Zenth asleep to the level of the upper hole in the barrel, and the top to the ground, falling asleep and rammed clay.

pipes for the pillars, he sawed at such length that they towered above the ground 15 cm, while the lower end has decided to lower the depth of the top of the dug extensions and secured all the pipes to fill two sticks.

Then he made a reinforcement of such length that the lower end is at the level of expansion, but did not touch the ground, and was at the top of the pipe.

to frame pier foundation has not fallen into the pipe, and was exactly in the center, this design was made of planks and studs.Through board pin will not sink into the concrete, and at the same time will be in the middle.

proportions solution poured into piles - cement-sand-gravel-water 1-3-2-0.7.The mixed, it is primarily filled in the opening holes in it to a depth slightly above the lower level of the PVC pipe to then it can be sealed and fixed in a solution.Thus, it will not walk into it by pouring concrete solution.

installing pipe, Zenth leveled its level.And so the concrete does not kicked out under pressure during the filling pipes, clay pit a little sleep.Only after such preparation PVC pipe filled with concrete.In the same way the others were covered with poles.

Then the construction site closed polyethylene and left to freeze until next weekend.When the concrete is frozen, all the space around the pipes filled with clay and stamped.


Next weekend Zenth with his wife went to the market and bought construction materials:

  • beam 150h100 - 1PC .;
  • bar 100x50 - 7 pcs .;
  • floor board 120h38 - 1 pc .;
  • lining 90h18 - 10 pcs., Six-meter

and all materials brought to their cars.

Walling and roof toilet

When all materials have been delivered, he made measurements and sawed lumber 150h100 mm below the sill.Then I put on the columns in the two layers of roofing material and put it on top of the pins sticking out of the pipe foundation sill, in which pre-made grooves and drilled holes with a diameter of 2-3 mm larger than the studs in the foundation.Bottom rail nuts attached to the foundation.Before installing the sill beams Zenth missed antiseptic.

On waistrail installed racks, fixing them to her metal corners.The height of the uprights 1.8 m. Then the level of exhibition and reception fixed vertical struts on both sides.In the same manner it was installed and the remaining carcass rack toilet.

After installing the racks is placed and secured on the upper corners of the metal rail.The angle of the roof made Zenth 40 degrees.Then, by performing all measurements, I did all the slots in the future rafters.

then set the ridge beam and crate, which was fixed with screws.All wooden structures are mandatory heat-treated Bioprotective composition.

For crate roof followed toilet clapboard wall decoration.But it had not enough on all the walls, so we had to buy more more.Then came the need to make the design more rigid toilet.Therefore we began to make jib.In the next phase we completed the wall and beaten clapboard front and rear gables.

for roofing Zenth bought two sheets of OSB as a basis and as a roofing - soft tile.More in the market bought the door with a box.

OSB roof lifted with two ropes that are tied to the GSP and threw skate through the roof.My wife pulled the ropes and lifted Zenth sheet upward.Standing on a ladder, it is fastened with screws from the bottom sheets to the rafters.Likewise, he secured SIR sheet on the other side of the roof.Then he secured the top two plates to the crate and started to lay a soft tiles.

make a roof on the one hand, he proceeded to the installation of the door frame and the door.

Skate on the roof kit purchased from metal and then the roof was ready.Then obbili clapboard front wall of the toilet.

Thus, the appearance of the toilet was almost completed.

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