Eco-friendly cottage toilet

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11 May 2016
Construction toilet

Construction suburban toilet «nadzor2003» began with the fact that drilled in the brown clay soils four holes and filled them with concrete.With the timber the size of 100x100 mm, it did the foundation of the floor and set it exactly level, and on top lay a floor of the floorboard.

For simplicity carcass layout done on the ground.To do this, it takes two doors, of which planned to make the entrance and rear wall structures, and began to build a wall stud.

After installing the frame turned out that skate a tall, so the roof had to slightly reduce.Then I lay on a plastic slate roof, attaching it to the crate black screws on wood frame

toilet sheathe residues lining and edged boards.Then he attached the front and rear doors.Inside, put a box with a hinged lid for the tank and covered it with varnish, cut a hole and set sidushku.Later I decided to put the phone to display the excess liquid out of the closet.

new toilet building nadzor2003 five days.In the bathroom th
ere is a cesspool, but is galvanized tank receiver 40 liters.Used so - after visiting places feces backfilled with a mixture consisting of peat, and sawdust.The finer the grind the ingredients, the better.

To combat the smell of his sister hung in a closet branch of walnut.But the best remedy for the smell - a ventilation pipe.When the sheathing boards are drying, ventilation improved.

Cleaning toilets

for cleaning must be removed from the box with a sewage tank and pour them into the compost pile.Then backfilled with dirt and grass land.Thereafter, the tank was washed with water, water was poured into the same compost heap.The tank is installed in the toilet into place, it is covered with a small layer of peat with sawdust and the object ready to receive visitors.

Toilet paper is best stored in a separate container and then incinerated.The lower fluid reservoir, the less the smell, and the excess liquid nadzor2003 advises remove the tube to the drainage pit.

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