Garden House

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11 May 2016
Having a small plot of land - 8 acres close to home @ @ ndryuh decided to build it in the garden house 4x4 m. Long wondered - to build or invite builders.

The firm that produces panel houses to order value of the home was 72 000 and installation.Then he turned to freestyle builders - they charged twice.After talking with the builders came to the decision to build the house.

Construction of cottages

foundation for the house decided to make a bar graph.For drilling holes for piles bought the drill diameter of 200 mm.Then ordered two cubes of sand, but the car was not able to reach the area because of poor roads and unloaded sand 150 meters from the site, so he had to carry buckets of sand, and by the end of the day it is all exhausted.

Next weekend bought five bags of cement, roll roofing material.Unload everything bought, he began to plot layout for the foundation.

received nine poles with distances between 1.95 cm and one in the middle.Each hole drilled it for about a
n hour at a depth of 1.6 m. The hole to sleep in a pillow bucket of sand.Then the hole are wrapped with roofing material with the release of land to the desired height, linked metal frame and dropped it into the hole.

To fill pier foundation he kneading mortar, to which are added two buckets schebёnki single hole.While he was doing the solution, the water in the well rose up the middle.While pouring the solution squeezed the water out.Thus, in four days, he filled the whole foundation.

Then the rains came and the construction had to be stopped.When the rains have ended, and dried up the road @ @ ndryuh has delivered construction materials and continued to work.On the sill, he bought a bar 150h100 mm, rack made of timber 100x100 mm, and fix them on the galvanized corners.Step counters - 50-80 cm.

floor joists made it from a bar 100x100 mm increments between 55 cm and treated with lubricating oil.Rafters on the roof made of boards 100x50 mm 500 mm.

house outside he sheathed imitation of timber, and in the usual lining, and between them a paved asphalt.Lath roof made of planks 25h100 mm in 50 mm increments.The roof is covered with roofing material first, and then profiled galvanized sheet.For the beauty of the roof he painted in cherry color, using a rubber paint.

The window openings installed double glazing, they were cheaper than wood.House decided not to insulate, because the apartment where he lives, on foot in just 10 minutes go.Construction of cottages lasted about a month, all the while walking to work.

cost of a country house of approximately - 80-90 thousand. Rub.

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