Furniture for the house with their own hands

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10 May 2016
Dressing table

To produce dresser taken:
  • oak mirror frame in art salon.Cost - 990 rubles;
  • mirror cut to size for - 130 rubles;
  • for balusters legs 4 pieces - 400 rubles;
  • Hardware - 40 rubles.a piece;
  • large box is taken from the old furniture;
  • All necessary parts made of pine boards.Boxes and smaller all round parts were made by hand.

Production table

countertops made of pine board.Her "zastarili" that is, to make the invoice - if eaten bugs table.Initially, he wanted to do it the classical way - in a bag recruited various metal objects: cogs, shurupchiki nails.His tie and bag it is necessary to beat on the treated surface.This gives dents and chips.They neatly trimmed sandpaper.

But this method did not like - show rough "village."And he has elegant furnishings, with a claim to the classic style.So he handled the countertop using sewing.Indentation it has made "proedennye bug" curve track on the table.Next, sanded wooden surface.


Making boxes for the table began to cut them
at the base.Then the boxes were made.They covered shelf.And it made folding boxes.

Dressing table he painted the English water-based paint piano we Johnstone.The feature of this ink is that it contains a resin and wood painting manifests its texture.And at the same time it has a little "kind of lacquer."

Buffet - konfetyure

Konfetyure - buffet, in which the French kept jams, preserves (jams), cooked over the summer.

Once a landfill ELIZA found a broken cupboard.Well preserved three doors with glass, top skeleton frame and side walls.They they took.

As usual, slowly, they are carefully sanded all the details brought by home.Then they were all painted with brown paint.And after rigorous work was assembled upper part of the buffet.

lower part of the buffet

lower part of the buffet gathered from the two side walls, countertops made of pine shield the two doors.They added two drawers from the wardrobe.Boxes decorated on the perimeter carved decorative overlays.

All pieces of furniture painted paint colors "Tick", and after the paint has dried on the sideboard, consolidated hardware.

If you want to clean up from the nail polished furniture, you need to know that the varnish on them poisonous.The treatment should be carried out in a ventilated area and in the mask.When cleaning smell is very unpleasant.

thickness of varnish on the polishing of about 1 mm.The varnish applied to a thin layer of plywood, which glued to particleboard.If you need to clean the cabinet, it will take more than one day.Correctly assess their capabilities.

Watches Kitchen

ELIZA has long wanted to make a clock for the kitchen.To implement his ideas, she bought / used watches for 250 rubles.Disassemble and left itself a mechanism frame and arrow.

From cardboard cut herself face, made Crackle and decoupage on top of flowers.Arrows painted with bronze paint, and in the end drew numbers and hours covered in several layers of lacquer.

That clock and are ready


bookcase with old 50's found in a landfill ELIZA took the bottom, sides and top of it.Her husband is at work polishers help clean all parts of the cabinet finish.

The store bought a narrow 2 - 40 cm - doors to be installed on both sides of the cabinet, and between them, in the middle, decided to put the mirror.To fit all the parts are temporarily assembled cabinet.Next door to the combination of rounded top and bottom of the cabinet, too rounded.

In the glass studio where to ELIZA, it cut the size 147h29 cm mirror for 376 rubles.Then she bought a special glue for mirrors.No universal and special.Because universal corrode the amalgam on the mirror and spoil it.

the left side of the cabinet - 40 cm from the side wall to the mirror will be made horizontal shelves for linen.A 70 cm from the right side wall is a common wardrobe on hangers.

mirror cabinet pasted on a wooden board made of pine.On the perimeter he grabbed his wooden corners, and put on the door hinges.

cabinet again dismantled.Feet in the cabinet were erased, and so I had to make a new, manually.Painted outright all the details of the cabinet in 2-3 layers.

then proceed to the design of the door.They cleaned and glued laths.

After the finalization of all the details of his cabinet gathered.Examine the cabinet on all sides, they decided to give it a finished look and ordered a classic lining art salon.Carved plates painted with bronze paint and glued.

This work was completed with the cabinet.

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