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10 May 2016
When Radio wanted to buy a cottage, his brother said that next to him a plot of land for sale, which was immediately purchased.

After purchasing the site, he did not think to build a house there, but the fence was needed.After receiving a gift of land, his mother wanted to order any company building a fence, but Radio said he did not want to pay their money poor-quality work, and set himself to building.

Home Builders

First bought D 50 mm poles and began to concrete.After installing the first two Tajik neighbor came and said that together with the concrete pillar in the winter vypret out.We must do differently.It is advised to fill in the pit, which will be installed poles gravel and tamp it with a crowbar.The installation in the intake was completed.

The following year, he checked what happened with pillars - one of them kicked out, and the other was in good condition.This year, because of the illness and subsequent surgery, he could not continue the construction of the fence.

was 2010

to continue construction of the fence, Radio bought a board the size of 100h20 mm, and for processing Senezh 115. He sawed boards to size, whilehelp jigsaw boards gave an elegant rounded.50 sawed planks and painted SENEZH 3 times.

prozhiliny he made boards 150h40 size, its pre-sawn in half a circular saw.Disc saw he set at an angle of 15 degrees, so that water got on board once flowed from it.

with the bolts it is screwed to the posts prozhiliny and began to fix them board fence, and thus made a 10 m sampling.Fence, in general, all liked, but his mother said that from the bottom all the earth will crumble into a ditch running along the fence, and the upper part of the fence is low, so people are going to see what is happening on the site.

After this criticism Radio had to think and make a fence in a different way.The new version, he spied in the book, which tells about all sorts of small construction sites in the country.It was suggested to make a retaining wall height of 25-30 cm and a fence installed on it.

retaining wall

decided to make a retaining wall made of natural stone.So first I dug a trench for the foundation depth 50x40 cm. Made of sand cushion.Then I make holes for the poles, installed them and poured concrete.

expose poles, bed asphalt trench made formwork.Bought 14 mm rebar, wire and put it two lines below and two above, and between them reinforcing mesh, which cut to size.

for mixing concrete mixer Chinese bought 120 liters.Then a couple of days, he and his wife filled the whole foundation of the fence.

Now it's time to buy a stone.Bought sandstone "Golden Autumn" 300 kg.Lacking experience in laying, he bought the book and started to lay a stone on the tape.The process was a long and creative, because he is constantly arguing with his wife, and some where to put the stone.So in the debate it has been laid out all the natural stone fence.

Selection stone only at the visible outside of the wall, inside poured concrete in the formwork.Through every meter have been made drainage holes.Between the earth and the inner side poured drainage - 20 cm to the height of the wall of rubble.To schebёnka not silt under a bed for her film 3 microns.

for stone splitting chisel bought and Manya.If necessary, cut stone grinder.Before you lay out the stones, he first laid them on the concrete ribbon, and then removed the layers and lay on a solution like brickwork.On the inner side of the fence I made formwork and there threw the dried solution, which was formed during the laying of the stone.Reinforcement in laying not put.

Now we need to do from boards actually own fence.But it became clear that the pillars are made is not quite right, so I had to buy Radio inverter welder guide to learn how to work on it.The welding machine was needed to digest the mountings for the prozhiliny.

completing welding work on the pillars, he cleared them from old paint and painted over.Fasten prozhiliny and proceeded to install the fence.

then made construction of the fence and gate and cook them.Paints Hamerayt, sewed picket fence and gate lock set Elbor.

height masonry natural stone on the concrete ribbons of 27 cm. The total length of the fence - 20 m, of which Gates 5.2 m. Therefore, laying a 15 m width 30 and 40 cm deep.

  • 300 kg stone masonry of 2.9 rub .;More
  • 80 kg, but for 10 rubles .;
  • Limestone thickness of 4 cm - 6 sq.m.Cost - 390 rubles.m2;
  • Limestone thickness of 3 cm 2 sq.m.Cost - 290 rubles.m2;
  • Sandstone "Golden Autumn" 300 kg.- 860 rubles.
  • Round pipes for stobly;
  • Pipes square at the gate.

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