Shower and toilet

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10 May 2016
iska plot in a small, and there is no space for a septic tank.So we had iska in one house to construct a shower and toilet.Toilet is to be temporary, and consist of a toilet seat and a bucket that is imposed.And when using the shower the water will go through the drainage system into the ground.


To fill the basement, he dug a pit a 4x4 meter and a depth of 30 cm, but first removed the fertile layer of soil to solid ground.Then iska made podsypku gravel 20 cm thick and all carefully rammed.Formwork he made of 6mm plywood panels and bars 40x40 mm.The height of the foundation tape 500 mm and a thickness of 300 mm.Formwork nothing are wrapped, just before pouring the concrete it moisten with water from a spray.

foundation required for more than one and a half cubic meters of concrete, which he had to knead one and pour in one day.He worked alone, sometimes he helped his sister bring stones and sand in a wheelbarrow.Concrete mixes in proportion: 2 buckets of stones, 1 bucket of
sand, 5 liters of cement (buckets 8-liter).Water was pouring a little, and the concrete is placed around the circle layers.The work began at 8 am and ended at 23 00 nights.Just enough strength to reach the bed.

removing the formwork 2 days, he found a lot of small voids which do not affect the foundation of the fortress.He smeared them with a solution.And in general, to obtain a flat tape, and he was pleased.

then the rate of the floor height mounted drains from plastic pipes with a diameter of 50 mm.Draining will only be out of the shower - the water and shampoo will come in to bury a barrel.

Stacked downspouts, he began to fall asleep sand layers, periodically shedding its water and carefully ramming.Then I put the foam for insulation, mesh, and in the end poured concrete floor.

frame house

Two days after pouring the floor iska started mounting and securing the sill to the foundation by means of studs 20 cm long, which he cut from the valve.After making the required number of pins, he drilled a hole straight through pin strapping, and drove into the concrete with a sledge hammer.

attaching the harness, he put on the wall of the frame technology edged boards 50x100 mm.The length of the rack without binding was 2 400 cm. After the walls spread a beam erected truss system, roof sheathed edged boards, nailed head-boards, drip and covered with a soft roof tiles.

The next step windshield mounted on the wall of plasterboard.Crate nailed to provide ventilation gap.And he began to sheathe House edged boards 22h100 mm.All wooden parts before setting it processed antiseptic.

install windows, doors, trim nailed.The doors used a homemade box 900h2 external dimension of 100 mm.

Draining water from the roof

To drain the water from the roof during a rain gutter iska secured around the perimeter of the roof.They are attached to the front just below the board.The two drain pipes are located at the corners of the rear of the house, and floor drains beneath them.From ladders water discharged into the well.It remains only to decide where it will be.

meantime made drainage 40 cm of sand and stone and buried barrel of 110 liters in the street and it summed up the drain pipe from the shower.At the bottom of the barrel and in the walls of many nasverleno 10 mm drill holes.Will merge into a barrel of water and soul, in spite of the high water table, the water from the barrels out quickly.

Interior work

I started with the ceiling insulation, vapor barrier mounted on the wall, crate nailed to the ceiling and walls.Do not forget to make the ventilation of the attic and the entire roof.Sheathed plasterboard wall, and began to build walls that are also sheathed plasterboard.

then plastered all seams in drywall and covered the walls with latex waterproofing Lugato blue for premises.

After sealing, he began to glue tiles on the wall from the second row.After finishing the walls treated floor waterproofing and also covered it with tiles.

started to sheathe ceiling paneling in the dressing room and toilet.In the locker room I have a roomy box-seat for every small things.Held in a house underground electric cable, galvanized ripple.The house has its own cabinet to 16 A, which is in the toilet compartment.

temporarily used as a toilet bucket and a toilet seat on top.Bucket with feces will periodically be collected in a compost pit.It plans to purchase a composting toilet.So no need to build sewers.There is no space to install a septic tank.

house where there is a shower and toilet, vented natural way - through a window.Toilet is intended for use in the summer.In winter, the water will be discharged, and the whole system is canned.

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