Canopy with transparent roof

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10 May 2016
summer of 2010, he planned to change the porch of the house.He wanted to make a shed and cut its polycarbonate.While the shooting size of the future canopy, decided not to be penny wise and block all the space between the house and summer kitchen.

deciding, he proceeded to translate into figures.The size of the canopy obtained gazebos, 4x4 m. To check the strength of the structure, which he drew, download programs, check the strength of the trusses drawn, based on the load of 220 kg / sq m.

technology manufacturing and the general idea of ​​the canopy, gazebo

ByPlan gazebo built without foundations, so the frame welded from profiled tubes.

Liftanuty decided to cover the roof of a transparent shaped plastic PVC.

all their plans in the country, he embodies one, so individual nodes carcass should be collected on the ground and the weight they should be small, so that he could keep them alone.

stability design should give a heavy floor

For greater resistance to wind, he planned to link the frame
gazebo with mobile home.


frame gazebos, he began to gather at the back.It is higher, but there was something to lean against the high pipe size 60x40 mm.That all stands were smooth, he lined them plumb and tack welding.And for even greater reliability of welded bracing reinforcement.

From 40h20 pipes he made the middle rack and set in place.Then I put on top of a horizontal pipe 60x40 and grabbed welding.And to do it all alone, it is pre-welded to the upper points of the rack steel strips.Horizontal pipes laid between them, so did not need a safety net.

To install the front wall of the frame Liftanuty pre-assembled it on the ground, scalded and then set into place for 30 minutes.To lift it, he stopped a passing car and asked the driver to help him raise the heavy construction.

Lifting construction temporarily tied over the front and back walls.One day, he handled it, and then proceeded to welding farms.For them, he used welding shaped pipes 25x25 mm.

beginning he collected the first farm on the markup.Scalded her, cleaned and used as a model for other farms.Total 5 pieces cooked.

order to work with maximum convenience for installation and keeping the farm he used on the frame and clamp plate.First, he lifted one side of the farm and the plant it into the slot, and then move to the other side and lifted the other end of the farm.Then the farm he grab on both sides.

finished welded farm, he started welding pipes 20x20 mm horizontal support plastic sheeting.On the roof, he was busy for about five days.Then he removed the temporary bracing and mobile communications and fixed mounting arbor with walls at home.

Strip frame and painted in white top.To improve the light reflectance of the upper horizontal pipe it wrapped in aluminum foil.

The next day, examined his handiwork, he decided to tie the canopy built house with summer kitchen, to which 3.5 m. For this short pieces of pipe welded and made a long, of which the welded frame and small farms.Having

-frame canopy gazebo from home to the summer kitchen, he proceeded to the deck floor.On the floor lay conceived pine timber 100h60 mm.For flatness all the bars are processed on the floor to a single planer thickness 52 mm, and the next phase of filming radiused chamfer milling cutter to smooth out the bumps while laying the floor.Carpeted floor board, he colored them three times Belinka.


Making the roof of a light and thin profiled PVC plastic proved to be difficult.But the forces were spent.The transparent roof is very beautiful against the light.Besides, he does not let UV cure.

sheets on the roof, he fixed the roof and conventional screws.Due to the fact that the steel profile screws Do not drive, he had to first drill to drill a hole of 2.5 mm, and then tighten the screw.For convenience, he built a rocker on which hung a drill and screwdriver.I had to tinker with adjustment valley.I did handrails and closed bottom from water.

Total for the construction of a canopy from the house to the summer kitchen Liftanuty spent a month vacation.And after naves- furniture was made and painted, his wife hung there blind.

Canopy get cozy, and when there is no sun, the transparent roof improves mood.Through the shed to get from home to the summer kitchen can be barefoot in any weather.In the evening, under a transparent canopy pleasant to drink coffee and do not want to go home.

Editor: Roman Adamov