Construction of a small house

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09 May 2016
Purchase materials

Deciding to build a house for permanent residence, KSP began to store construction materials.First I bought 14 cubic meters of wood - logs, took him to the sawmill to his uncle.After processing the roundwood output turned 11 cubic meters of boards.

Money spent sawing, loading and shipping.And by the end of January 2010 he had a high-quality timber, which cost him two times cheaper than the market value.

On fixture KSP also decided to save.He did it in such a way.Near the site were abandoned concrete poles of power that had deteriorated.During the three-day weekend, he threw a sledgehammer six pillars, and thus prepared a 280 meter valves, saving $ 240.This reinforcement was given to him is not easy, but the dream of a house took over and gave strength and patience.


spring in the area he marked out a place in the basement and dug a trench.Then I made of formwork boards 50x200 mm, which was then used in the construction of the frame.From the fact that the board was
thick, he did not use additional braces and supports.

The entire perimeter of the strip foundation every 1.5 meters, he strengthened the formwork pegs from the bar 50x50 mm and to connect them with jumpers.The inside of the formwork he insulated roofing material, then knit and put the valve.

During the preparation of the formwork he has not forgotten about the ventilation vents in the basement, which is made of sewer pipes.

Made formwork get perfect, allowing sill stack without additional equalization.After completion of the pouring of the foundation in a more raw concrete on each side, he established a foundation reinforcement rods, which act on the surface of 15 cm.

foundation he poured in two steps.First 2 days off flooded underground part of the foundation.During the fill used concrete, sand and schebёnku.The proportions of the composition - 1: 6: 12.

Next weekend it filled the upper part of the foundation - basement, using different proportions - 1: 4: 6.In both cases, using the same brand of cement was river sand and gravel fraction - 12-25.May 17 concrete stiffened and removed from the foundation formwork.

Bottom rail and frame house

Before installing the sill, he handled the board antiseptic oil and mining machinery.Then made a harness.Bottom piping it is no sewed, so to install insulation - foam NDE-15 - he scored 150 mm nails along the bottom edge of the board at a distance of 50 mm from the bottom of their borders and set them on the foam.

Having insulation, he laid on the floor SIR.Then, to set the corner posts he called on the help of his father, because one is pretty hard to do.By the bottom plate rack frame it is attached with metal corners 40h40h120 mm.Corners are small, so for safety it has strengthened the rack 150 mm nails from two sides.

work at this time was slow because he had to work on weekends.But, despite this, it was necessary to quickly build a roof that not much rain soak OSB.Having

frame walls and the roof, he began to trim the house OSP, and then began to warm the house with foam.Warming took place quickly and easily.In those places where the distance between the uprights was little more than foam (1 cm) zapenival it, and where less - cut foam.

Over OSB he pulled vetrobarer Profitex W100.In order to strengthen the whole house siding he obbil mounting rail 25x40 cm with the distance between them - 40 cm.

to finish the house he bought siding BORYSZEW 125m.kv.It is important to start from the beginning to lay the siding properly, without error and strictly on the level.He discovered this in practice.He had to twist the four six-meter strip due to the difference of 1.5 cm. 6 linear meters.

House plan

height of the first floor of 2.65 cm. The height of the walls of the attic floor 1.6 m., And to the ceiling of the attic of 2.3 m.

1st floor plan Plan attic


In one weekend, he and his father started to drill a well for water.The depth of the well is 11 meters.Before they reached the water.It is hoped that the performance of the well will be sufficient for the entire family with water.

Construction veranda

September KSP did the groundwork for the veranda.It is not connected with the foundation of the house.Once the foundation was strengthened KSP father started the construction of the porch.

When building a house all the ideas came from KSP, then the construction of the veranda thought of everything his father, he gets everything easy and simple.Please put the size of the corner posts 50x100 mm and did not stop until the set to build a framework veranda.Stitched wall OSB, installed windows and doors.The next day, I did finish the walls with siding and window slopes.

So ready porch and canopy over the terrace.

Construction spending

All expenses systematically recorded in a notebook.Before the start of construction at the KSP was 6000 dollars.To date, he has left 2000 dollars.He expects that the construction finished it will cost 10 000 dollars.

house is designed for permanent residence.Basically, it saves money at the expense of their own work performed.He also saved some money into lumber and materials for the foundation.

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