Garden Train: decoration of the landscape and the assistant in the economy

By Admin | The Hands
09 May 2016

construction layout of the railway - one of the most fascinating and beautiful views of the interests that are common abroad.Garden trains - favorite hobby not only kids, but also pensioners, who last devote all his time.

In the US and Western Europe is often seen as the elderly with their grandchildren with admiration and delight watching the light electric locomotives that come out of the depot and have fun running on the dacha.

In Russia, it's fun still does not have the popularity, but interest in the garden railway is growing every day.After all, it can become an original ornament of the landscape: it satisfied with the flower beds, ponds and bridges.Especially effectively looks track, passing under the eaves, over pergolas, sheds and other buildings or rooms of the house.

How do

for the construction of garden railway usually get special starter kits of different scales (most common - G): a locomotive and wagons, rails, arrows, Transformers, etc.Quality "toys" are intended for outdoor use

, and therefore resistant to high and low temperatures and precipitation.

First prepare the subgrade - by analogy with the present, but given the scale, type of soil and native vegetation.The ground floor is taken out of the bayonet spade.To avoid problems with the grass of the drainage plastic body makes the lining under the ballast, poured sand and gravel.

for ballast is best called a berry rubble fraction 3-7 mm.

rails and sleepers are laid directly on the rubble, without fixing: the way firmly rests on the ballast under its own weight.

garden railway in need of care: once in three or four days clean the rails regularly weed and mow the grass, clean the leaves and fruit trees.

fruits are falling on the rails, can damage them, causing oxidation.When used outdoors rails contaminated surface, resulting in a contact failure.

To the delight of children and to help yourself

Member Forum "Home and cottageĀ» chudotxt - one of the few brave souls who dared not just buy a train yard, but to build it with his own hands.

To realize his dream master, childhood fond of railway modeling, donated the dacha shed.On the liberated territory in 12 acres Alex arranged collapsible narrow-gauge railway length of 120 m, with a track 300 mm.The rails are ordered to do from a rectangular profile 50h25 mm.

Model Railroad forumchanin recreated on a scale of 1: 2.The inventor did not intend to copy the real machine, its main task was - to enjoy the ride, reviving impressions experienced in early childhood.In addition to the expected experience UZ own models, to provide for a family fun weekend pastime to communicate with like-minded and have a small income from the enterprise.

Pondering the future of rail car specifications and align them with their financial capabilities, chudotxt decided to make the car a small but spacious.Lokomotiv-fashioned rail car itself.

machine is driven by four-stroke engine of 50 cc with automatic transmission, remove from children's ATV.Maximum speed of the car - 10 km / h.To be able to change direction, Alex put the reverse gear.To heighten the bling forumchanin rigged rail car light devices and a signal to the sound that came running together rebyatnya neighbor.

order not only to ride, but also delight guests forumchanin made banquette-passenger van.I ordered trolley car frame made of boards - roof.Outside, the car fitted a percale, all painted.The length of the passenger car was 2.4 meters.

That garden railway - not empty fun, chudotxt proved Trailers for special rail car trolley for transporting sand and other materials.Over time, the rolling stock added to the trolley with electric drive, made of children's machines.

In place of the demolished barn and burned rose bath, stylized station building.Later, he took his place found derailed turnout machine appeared "schedule" and apron hours.

rail car can manage and child: in the cockpit of a throttle and brake.At one time a train can put three adults and three children.

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