Construction of the shower house with a gas column

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09 May 2016

Before you build a shower Jeque primarily determined with its size.To waste was less decided to shower the size of 2x2 m.

They also had to decide on the method of heating water.Among the options considered were the following:

  • could use an electric storage heater;
  • Instantaneous electric heater;
  • wood stove with electric.

first option has a major drawback - immediately upon his arrival to the country will not wash, you need to wait a long time - about 1.5 hours until the water warms up, and keep it running, to keep the temperature.

second option is good, but you need to buy a powerful machine to 7 kW powerful wiring and grounding.To use both options need to have constant electricity that they consume in large quantities.

wood stove it is not very satisfied, despite the fact that from the wood stove heats up quickly, and there is no dependency on electricity.In general, it was difficult to select a heater.

Fortunately, by chance on the Internet, he found mention of a gas water heat

er to a gas balloon and immediately realized its advantages:

  • Power column of 12 to 25 kW;
  • water is heated very quickly;
  • low consumption (one promise - two 50-liter cylinders on the season);
  • column is compact and it is easy to install.

He liked the benefits of the gas column, and he chose it.

Construction shower house

For building shower he made pier foundation.Pit dug to a depth of 40 cm and filled with concrete, and on top put the foundation blocks.

as sill Jeque used timber 100x100 mm.Put floor decking and made the frame for the installation of the shower tray size 90x90 mm.All fixtures used "yellow" screws of various sizes.Then all the wooden structures covered pinotex.

frame assembled from a bar 100x100 mm.As an attachment using metal corners 60h60h80 and screws.Using a screwdriver to work quickly and easily.To walk brought home door and window.

pent roof is made using as a roofing gofrolist size 2,5h1,17 m. Outside the house, a bath sheathed Lining, screwed in a simple, screws and covered pinotex.

entire water supply system he made of plastic pipes.This is convenient for installation and does not require special tools and skills.

then began making furnish and install the equipment.The wall, which was planned to establish a gas column, he sheathed with asbestos cement plates, and top with tiled floors.Pipe column made asbestos - exhaust gas temperature will not exceed 200 degrees.The pipe passes through the roof with the help of the so-called"Anus Mater-Flash".

finishing facilities shower Jeque made of plastic panels of white, they are inexpensive and easy to install.Under them he paved teploparoizolyatsiyu.Place a basin and shower area.Hung shelves, hooks, spotlights set over the sink, mirror with shelf.

Water from the shower drained into a special hole.As the filter it is filled with sand and gravel.


While water supply is carried out from the central water supply system, paved in areas.Temporary withdrawal made hose, and then he's going to lay plastic pipes.The plans - to dig their wells and installing a pumping station.

street outside shower hung sink to wash dishes in the summer.In winter it is possible to unscrew and remove the shed.For the preservation of the system is turned off for the winter by simply disconnecting the hose.Water from the speakers, yet did not tap, unscrewing fuses flexibles.


Jeque built a house with a shower and washbasin.Hot water faucet comes immediately after the water heater, which is very convenient.All the materials he has spent 40,000 rubles.and three weeks of operation alone.

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