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09 May 2016
8 years ago on the site was built two commercial buildings, which were located 15 meters from the main house.In one building held a central water supply and there is a shower, sink and toilet, and the other put the stove for cooking.

from cooking stoves to cleaning nearly 15 meters.To save time necessary to clean the vegetables directly on the sink, but with a hook or a little more complicated dishes.As a result, we have to constantly run from the plate to the sink and back.

And here came to an end to this outrage.It was decided to build the sink in the kitchen.More available in a wall locker and two different sets of floor.

Builders, he bought the following Materials:
  • Bought angle grinders and drives to her;
  • for kitchen cabinets under the sink gained facades;
  • Sewer pipes D50 of 8 pieces.two meters - 70 rubles;
  • Plastic fittings for joining HDPE 20 - 60 rubles;
  • countertop size - 600h1000 - 500r;
  • 2 board size - 800h500.Value of 100 rubles.each;
  • boards 4 pieces - 800h300.Value of 100 rubl
  • Sink - 78h50 cost - 1500 rubles;
  • Multiple profiles of stainless steel - 2000h30h13.Value of 100 rubles.each.
The construction

Day one started with digging the trench for the pipe from the house to the sump.The "local" Tajiks he bought asbestos pipe with a diameter of 150 mm for sewage sludge.She will be laid where people walk - under the tracks.The pipe must be laid at an angle, and lower level of soil freezing.

addition, he dug a hole 50x60 cm, where the water drains out of the HDPE pipe 20 coming from the centralized water supply system on site.After a rest after dinner, he began to assemble the table for cleaning, but did not collect because it was after midnight and we had to watch the match France - Mexico.

second day
bought 20 bricks for the organization of the winter plum.Drain gathered on a tee - with plastic fittings for winter plum.Dug a hole, line the bottom, mixed mortar and started construction of a house for the winter tee.

build a house.I begin assembling the cabinet and with the countertop.First, an electric jigsaw sawed a hole under the sink.With ties DSP connected to the corners of the single frame.Then set sink.

third day
assembled structure sink with his wife, he found his seat and began to gather into a single structure - siphon faucet and fittings.For nothing dampened the perimeter of the shell all the cracks filled with sealant.

Day Four
gathered locker door sink and thus covered by the human eye and siphon the trash out there who have set.The doors are made of chipboard cleaning the frame and painted with waterproof paint a brown.

Plans week

More Addestone wants to buy a storage tank of 10-15 liters, that was the hot water in the kitchen and always with protection against overheating.

day after installation in the kitchen sink there was the smell of sewage.After some deliberation and reasoning Addeston decided to make "water pad."I bent flexible pipe from the siphon, so the water in it linger and create a water pad at the smell.As a result, the smell of sewage was gone.

Savings heater Electrolux

to his home Addestone decided to buy boiler Electrolux EWH 15 BS for heating hot water.Use of the scheme will be given in the figure.

from the heater, he chose Electrolux because it is a well-known brand.For it will have to pay a premium, well, better to have an expensive but reliable thing.He believes that to buy Chinese-made complex systems is not necessary.They can break down and fall apart.

Features heater

Addestone heater will be installed on a wall vertically to constantly could control the situation in real time.Tank capacity is 15 liters.Water is heated in the tank for 30 minutes.using a heating element power 1200 watts.Operating temperature ranges from 30 to 70 degrees Celsius, the pressure is - 5 bar.Supply voltage of 220 V.

Among the features include: the thermostat, protection against overheating, a safety valve to drain, corrosion resistance, magnesium anode with increased weight system "dry "independent of the resistors.Interesting design.And of course, long service life with a guarantee of 8 years.

Installing heater

kitchen wall, which need to hang the heater, frame and top upholstered with clapboard.And the heater accidentally fell off, he bought the M10 drill length of 40 cm and drill two holes in the wall at the point of passage through the frame walls, bought the meter threaded bolt.Cut it to the size you want, I sank into the wall and tighten the nuts on both sides.More purchased metal profile, sealed it with the holder of furniture, on which hung the heater.

On the site there Addestone have central water supply, but the recent increase in water shortages, so decided to make the future reservoir 200 liters, to meet the essential needs of the souland sink.Water tank will be filled after the next occurrence of the water in the water.

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