Garden pergola with their hands

By Admin | The Hands
08 May 2016

No modern garden is complete without pergolas, arches or trellises.They have an important functional significance: used for zoning of the garden, shade and as a support for the plants.In addition, entwined with climbing plants garden facilities give a special charm to make it cozy and original.

Who - what?

Member Forum "Home and cottage" wolf put pergola between the house and the bath to form a closed space for recreation.Supports for plants made of timber 5x5 cm strips.All covered in the color of the house paint "Vinh", which fits well and is long.It was important for the hosts: the following painting they performed in eight years.

have other members - Sergey - garden pergola became the first building on the acquired site.Available in a host boards were 3,5h5 cm long and 3 m strips 2x4 cm of them he built a building.Later it went results beams 9x9 cm. Slats lattices made by Sergei tie.The floor was made of protective structures treated decking.

Sergey spent a lot of time, but the

result was a budget and visually light construction.According to him, such a result is difficult to achieve using the compound as an overlay.

Pahistas made the original pergola for photos with the foreign site.The product will satisfy any of the master, nor the people passing by.For work, he used a waterproof plywood - two layers of 18 mm.Model pergolas pre-rendered in a graphics program, and then order the production sector for a template router.

Section pergolas for rigidity host across the sealed metal pipes, between which stretched nylon rope.Decorate pergola pahistas going decorative honeysuckle and clematis.

pergolas this design can be easily extended by arranging beneath a cozy seating area with a bench.

olinkaru forum participants came up with a real castle in the form of tapestries with the clock, the bird and lamps.The construction has attracted man with a circular saw.According to her, the work on the production of such products - is not complicated: parts are cut and bolted separately.

Valtar placed at the site several pergolas.One went under the red grapes, the other two were made for white.Fourth, girlish grapes, well-established shadow, plays the role of the entrance to the playground.Another pergola he had done for the patio adjacent to the gazebo.

Member Forum Blackk presented his version of the pergola.Lateral diagonal slats zheltopassivirovanymi it is attached with screws.On the construction plans to install lanterns.

Canopy with trellis for grapes

Canopy with trellis for grapes Blackk decided to attach to the front length of 6 m, a year after construction of the house.At first he found the uprights with a pitch of 180 cm, and the same distance from the house.All mark, Sergey 150th drill performed four pit depth of 150 cm, they put ruberoidnyj liner, and then - rack steel tube 60h60h3.Aligning the rack height and vertical, the owner poured concrete into the sleeve.

While clutched concrete, Blackk prepared wooden parts of the structure: support for boards and rafters otstrogal polished boards 6000h150h50 mm, drill the holes for fastening.To the rafters, he made grooves in the base plate, previously their trial installation.The house board screwed 140h8 grouse, and the vertical supports - segments of eight millimeter bolts, nuts and washers.

With Malki defined the angle of the rafters and the grooves made for them.Seven rafters 2 m under the roof Sergei manufactured from 150h50 board, setting them in increments of 1m.Rafters Blackk installed in the slots, and hammered nails.From otstrogannoy board 100h25 he made crate, which took seven boards 6 m long.

Before installing Sergei drove all pre-colored glazing and composition.

The next step wizard to lay the roof of evroshifer.Sheets slid under the casting board and nailed ershennymi nails with plastic caps.Open ends of the rafters the owner closed the front board of the lining, which then mounted the gutter.

Before installing trellises forumchanin concrete poured between the posts to put on him after a retaining wall made of bricks.Then ennobled poles, closed their board 25h100.Because it is made trellis for grapes, dismissing the board into three slats with 20x30 section.Decorative plates on a pole attached segments Sergei studs M8 washers and nuts between the plates installed rack 45h20, after which horizontal elements attached trellis.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"