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08 May 2016
Member Forum "Home and Cottage» mon shows small but much-needed suburban buildings erected by them in the summer.


Along the perimeter of the verandah where would support wall, he poured the foundation, the depth is 40 cm, and width - with a wall thickness.Then, the entire space is filled with broken brick porch and poured on top of a liquid solution.

floor is made of concrete, kneaded by hand from schebёnki fractions 5-20.The thickness of the concrete floor of 15 cm.


3,05H3,65 Arbour has the size, the frame is made of square metal tube 50x50, 50x50 on the top of the area underArea 30x30 crate, mauerlat - beams 50x50.

for the construction of roof system used pine.The rafters are made of timber - 50x100 mm, their cross - beams 50x50.Crate made of planks 20h120 mm.We make a 4 rafters.Onduline roof fixed the metal screws with large washers and caps.Sleepers of the timber was given added strength of the roof structure.Railing & Cabin gazebo made of oak.Railing of the
board 30h100 mm and trim 20h150 mm.

Arbour made of durable and did not suffer from any heat or hurricanes.


toilet floor - drenched in place reinforced concrete slab.The pit under the toilet has a length of 3 m, a width of 1 m and a depth of 2 m, it is lined with cinder blocks put on edge.The size of the structure of the toilet 1,1h1,1 m.

Toilet is made of oak.The size of the frame in a half-tree 100h100sm.Racks have a size of 80x80, vertical interim board 30h100 mm.Between themselves, the wooden parts are connected metal corners 50h50h2 mm.

to concrete base mounted toilet galvanized steel wire D5mm.Behind the toilet there is a hatch for the evacuation of faeces.The toilet is a toilet.This cottage without toilet tribes, water gates and so on. In short through-hole.The floor in the bathroom Wood.


soul frame assembled from square metal tubing.Shower is made on the size of a flat slate 1,25H1,25 which he, respectively, and is encased.At the top of the window is made for the light, and for drying the shower room has the entrance, where there is no door, but hanging curtain.

Garden barbecue

all 20 years in the country with grilled kebabs tower_j making an impromptu barbecue on the bricks.It seems to be good barbecue is obtained.But after the last rain, it was decided to build a gazebo with a barbecue stove

to do a separate structure tower_j decided to combine the oven BBQ with sauna under one roof.

cleared the first place.Then, put rack and concreted them.We made training and flooded the floor.Foundation for the future reinforced oven spring of the mattress frame.And the rest of the floor reinforced with welded wire mesh cage 100x100 mm.

for walls to a height of 1.2 meters was used silica brick, and set the top of the frame with glass.We make the design of the roof and covered it with galvanized corrugated roofing sheets.

The design of the stove and its dimensions make the course work.Arches were ready and had to pour the slab size.In the furnace we decided to make a suspension for the cauldron.The size of the oven cooked BBQ of 10 mm iron 15 cm.

to illuminate the gazebo with barbecue chandelier made of the wheels from spinning wheels.But before they were restored and turned out pretty.It remains to make benches, shelves for just curiosity and a washbasin.

House for quail

For eggs at home as an experiment in the summer sly2k bought 10 quails.And in the fall to them do not bother, they just wanted to eat.

But eventually he got used to them, and was unable to eat.And then the frame, ordered to close the well turned out too big.And then came the idea - make log home for quails.

After deciding sly2k began collecting house-frame for the quail.To cover the roof he used a backing sheet of the valley under the shingles.At the market he bought a roll - 20 meters, but in reality there were only 10. Therefore, it is not enough, and had to skate close ondulin.

themselves quail reside and live in a cage.A frame is the winter house, in order not froze.In it is to be stored feed and farm supplies, which must be kept in a warm room.

quails should be kept at a temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius, so the house is warmed by electrical heating cables.The house is a window and a light bulb, turned on by the timer.

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