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By Admin | The Hands
08 May 2016

Ask anyone who dreams of his house in the country with which he is associated idea of ​​the country rest and comfort?You say, silence, fresh air, the house, the flowers - yes, yes and yes again!But not only!!!As one dream ... of the home, which would have burned the fire, around which would be in the evenings and during the festivities going family home, on the fire which came to be friends, and in the womb of his would prepare tasty food ... Someone sees the hearth fireplacesomeone stove-Swede, someone with a barbecue gazebo and barbecue, and some, like our new posts Scarlet, open fireplace in the garden.According to her, she really needed a place to relax, just like the fire, to burn firewood with friends, sit in a circle and uniting chat on various topics.

on creating original and safe hearth Scarlet inspired reading the forum and our talented, quick to fudge forum, especially kir777 who invented and embodied the center of the drive vehicle (more about it we will tell).

Scarlet, a sober assessment

of their physical abilities, I realized that the one she can not cope, and to implement the ideas of the working Sergei invited.Commonwealth benefited from Sergei Scarlet not only to slightly modify the design focus of the disk, but also came up with the original semi-circular benches around the hearth with good back support that friends could relax while sitting on a comfortable couch, and enjoy a pleasant conversation.If you have friends or a desire Scarlet bake meat or fish on a skewer, cook the soup in the pot, then Sergei decided to weld the structure of the disk backups with hooks at different levels, to be able to attach to them a skewer or a steel rod with hanging on itbowler.

And now satisfy your curiosity and start to direct the story, as do the center of the disc.

So the place has been chosen, put drive car.Shovel noted place the foundation for the hearth, departing from the edge of the disc 20-30 cm in circumference (the distance depends on the stone, from which the center will be laid out, in view of the air gap between the disc and the stone).Then he was shot turf on a bayonet spade, make a small cushion of sand that has been leveled and compacted shed.Marked center of the future focus skewer stuck.And marked out the place where the drive will be based on the foundation.All preparations for the manufacture of finished basement.By

around the limb in 2 series was laid fireclay bricks.After leveling the surface with a solution of the side walls inside the circle of fireclay bricks and its further drying out the inside was filled with rubble and brick and between the edge of the pit - a stone of different calibers (broken stone from the paving stone, found during digging trenches for the foundation of the house, gravel).Then the ground beneath the hearth, except the center to rubble, was flooded with saline and carefully aligned.

While the foundation dried up, Sergey made the two semicircular benches to further set them around the hearth.

foundation under the fireplace dried up, it's time for the manufacture of fire.To do this, the color was selected facing bricks.In the center it was raised again drive to during operation to maintain the distance between the brick and masonry blade.In the first row of masonry it was done ash pit for air flow.

Top mangled masonry trimmed and cut to fit the fieldstone fireplace, a capping to the air gap between the masonry and the disc.Car drive to the rim were welded 10-centimeter segments square profile that can later be inserted into them stand-by props skewer and bowler.To protect the disc from corrosion, it was painted with heat-resistant paint on metal black.

Scarlet Sergei consider the possibility of cleaning the hearth of coal ash.Not only rack-props and welded mesh may be removed from the drive to clean the hearth, but also left a small gap between the countertop and the limestone disk to the last, if necessary, can be removed for inspection, or in the event of burning completely replace the disc onnew.

What's the biggest pleasure of the produced work, of course, the fun of the much-anticipated "launch into operation."And I did not insist on Scarlett is that center will be used only for ignition of wood, and the notion of Sergei welded to the disk structure for the trochanter paid off in the first time.The hostess really wanted to cook on his hearth something tasty!