The project and the foundation of the house

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07 May 2016


Member Forum "Home and Cottage» Big Muzzy drafted a house the size of 6x8 meters.In this he was helped by forum member SketchUp.The house is designed for seasonal residence (early spring - late fall).For the foundation will use technology - TISE and top grillage

The project will be built Big Muzzy skeleton-shield home.Pie wall will consist of: lining, slats, Styrofoam (150 mm.) OSB (10-15 mm.), The ventilation gap and block House.

For warming the floor the first floor, he decided to use a foam - 50 mm and 100 mm from the top ecowool.For the insulation of the attic floor and the attic is used ekovata150 mm.The roof of metal make.

House expect the combined heat boiler, in which you can use as a fuel - pellets, wood or gas.

Kitchen is water and sanitation, and a dry toilet.As the main building material you plan to use a board 50h150 mm.

approximate estimates for the construction of

  • 6,4m3 Concrete - 3000 rub. / M.The amount - 19 200 rub .;
  • frame 12.3 cubic meters - 8 000 rub / m.tree.Amount - 98400 rub .;
  • Flooring 30-40 mm, 100 m2 - 400 rub. / Sq.m.The amount - 40 000 rub .;
  • Foam 20.4 cubic meters - 1700 rub. / M.Amount - 34680 rub .;
  • Ecowool 900 kg - 40 rub. / Kg.- 36 000 rub .;
  • OSB3 (12 mm) 2 m3 - 16 000 rub. / M.Amount - 32000 rub .;
  • Molded 442 m2 - 200 rub. / Sq.m.Amount - 88400 rub .;
  • Beam imitation 170m2 - 300rub / sq.m.The amount - 51 000 rub .;
  • Roof 80m2 - 250 rub. / Sq.m.The amount - 20 000 rub .;
  • incidentals about - 100 000 rubles.

Total 518 240 rub.

About creating a foundation TISE

You need to purchase the appropriate drill.Hire a part-time worker and make the holes with the expansion of the base.Then, from a piece of sheet metal rolled pipe diameter holes.She Pergamino are wrapped and falls into the hole of the future of the foundation.There also lowered reinforcement for the foundation, poured concrete and vibrated.During the vibration tube is gradually pulled out a tin.After vibrating the top of the foundation filled with sawdust and watered.


While thinking through the project Big Muzzy is estimated that the weight of the house will be 63 tons with the foundation.On the foundation necessary to 6.4 cubic metersconcrete.Poles made on technology TISE in quantity 21 pcs.will have a diameter of 250 mm.and reinforced with rebar of 10-12 mm.

Rostwerk located on the pillars will be reinforced by the same valve has two rows of 30-50 mm.from the top and bottom surfaces.

to secure the bottom plate grillage be drilled through.On raft foundation and the bottom plate to be made under the extension of the nut.Then, insert the pin with washers and a nut is clamped with Grover.

Do grillage

beginning along the pillars TISE Big Muzzy hammered into the ground to a depth of 0.5 meters, the pegs at a distance of 1.5 m. From each other.These screws, fasten 3 board section 25 and a width of 150mm.The lower edge of the bottom board is at the upper edge of the column TISE.The resulting channel filled with debris, sand to the level of the lower boards, that is, to the edge of the pillars TISE.With the help of a stapler and glassine formwork sutured, and then cut a hole under the pillars of the foundation.As it turns out formwork for raft foundation.Formwork contracted pins 8 mm.By

fixture pillars tack welds it fitting grillage diameter of 12 mm.and that vibrate poured concrete, it does not forget to make air holes.Filled grillage sprinkled with sawdust and moistened with water.

author recommends technology used by pouring the foundation of two rows of valves, one on top of the other at the bottom.When the diameter of the valve:
10 mm.- 4 a row;
12 mm.- 3 a row;
14 mm.- 2 a row.

When pouring the concrete need to assistants worked with spades as the rowers - quickly.To the concrete quickly moved on the tray for every 2 meters is necessary to put on a man with a shovel.

During pouring in some places raspёrlo formwork - had often score pegs.

Spending the whole foundation


  • Poles - 21 pcs.In the cement spent - 5 000 rub;
  • Sand 10 m. / 3.Spent - 6500 rubles;
  • Fittings 10mm 21sht.h 4m.Spent - 2 000 rubles;


  • boards, bars - 1m3.Spent - 6000 rubles;
  • Fittings 12mm x 300m 30 rubles.Spent - 9000 rubles;
  • Concrete 4.5m / 3 - 3600 rubles.Spent - 1600 rub.+ Shipping - 18 000 rubles;
  • 3.5 persons working 1 day = 4500 rubles;
  • incidentals (vibrator, screws, asphalt, etc.).Spent 10-15 000 rubles;

Total: 60 thousand. Rub.+ 3 months of work on the weekends.

for the foundation of his house Big Muzzy applied TISE shelf technology that is often used for the construction of individual houses