Wicker fence with their hands

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07 May 2016

FDouch conceived to build a fence around his suburban area.And not just to hide from prying eyes, and beautiful - to please the eye.

pre-designed construction of the fence, he and his wife purchased the necessary materials: profiled tube section 40x40 mm, thickness 2 mm metal and lumber - board size 100h25 mm.

design for the fence - posts and gates with a wicket cooked a professional welder, and then with his wife FDouch fence collected manually.

future design of the fence Installing

First of all, using a hand drill FDouch made holes for the fence posts with a diameter of 250 mm and a depth of 1 meter.Poles were put together at a distance of 2.4 m.

During drilling holes, two problems arose:

  • First of all, in the summer season was hot, the clay was drilled at the site FDouch bad.To exit from this position he first took a smaller drill - 160 mm, pour water into the shallow well drilled and waiting 2-4 hours, and then drilled to the desired depth.Then, I take the drill and ream the desired thick
    ness hole.
  • The second problem is related to the arrangement of pillars.When the location of a future hole coincided with the location of an old fence post, it was very difficult to drill because the ground was filled with battle brick and various debris.

During installation of the pillars of the fence, he pulled the cord and align columns in one line.Then, during the installation of each post with a plumb he set it upright and fell asleep gravel 1/3 the depth of the pit.Schebёnku rammed, keeping the vertical column.

stand upright all the pillars, he began to fill the hole with concrete alternately, making sure the vertical columns.To do this, the previous and the current poles he puts giprochny profile, and the top level, and thus aligns the adjustment all the pillars.If available laser Builder planes, everything is much easier.

on poles for the fence, he took a thicker profile, its size - 60x60 and thickness of 3 mm iron.For reliability necessary to put thick pillars.

to the gate were good, pillars of the gate you want to associate with each other, welded between posts channel or pour concrete beams.And if possible, it is desirable to combine them and even above.Make sure the gate posts should be well connected to the fence.

After installing the frame fence and gate iron structures must be covered with primer and paint.His fence FDouch colored paint with a "hammer effect".On top of it all poles welded covers to the inside does not leak water.

Assembling boards on the frame fence

to the fence, he bought a board the size of 100h25 mm and a length of 6 meters.For it to be smooth on both sides, he planed it.Then, the board saw off the desired length and covered with varnish antiseptic in 2 layers.

board prepared the necessary size and quantity, FDouch started assembly of the fence.

To build a fence is necessary to take three six-meter board.One need to put "behind the fence" and the other inside the site, and then on top of lateral thrust between the board and thus "knit board" as do the masters of weaving products from branches.

related so few boards align their level and lower bolted on both sides bolted to the posts.Then braid the rest of the board to the desired height of the fence and the top board is also bolted to the posts using bolts.

While working alone FDouch able to make 12-15 meters intake per day.

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