Valya wool: slippers

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07 May 2016

participant of the forum "Home and cottage" Oriole has been exciting and laborious kind of needlework - felting - about a year.In his modest assessment made in this case it is not so much (in comparison with other artists), but has already established their own methods and presented a master class on making slippers.

Materials and technologies

types of wool, there are vast.Conventionally, the type of organization of the fibers, it can be divided into two large groups: combed sliver (in which the fibers extend in one direction) and carded or cotton wool (fiber are curved and are directed in different directions).The thickness of the wool fibers may also be different, very thin - 16-19.5 microns.From fine wool made clothes, scarves and mittens.From kardochesa dumb products that should keep in shape: boots, slippers, bags, hats, etc.

Depending on the product, using a specific technique of felting - "dry" or "wet."The first is usually used for the production of medium-sized things - toys,

jewelry.With the second technique makes clothing, footwear, home furnishings, for example - the painting.

also need a variety of tools: oilcloth - to protect the surface of the table, pupyrchatoy film, soap (preferably virgin olive or economic), bath towels, which are not sorry (wool can fade).Handy massager, vibroshlifovalnaya machine (optional, but will facilitate the work), the substrate for laminate pattern (can be tight package, but in this case, the formation of rough scars on the edges), latex gloves (not rubber!), Scissors, a mosquito net or monofilament.More free time and please be patient!


Make a simple drawing of the foot, circling her on the path.On each side, add 30-40%: after felting wool sit down significantly.

to more accurately calculate how much sits wool, you must first make the samples, uvalyat them and count the percentage of shrinkage.

Put both templates.Not to be mistaken with the layout of several layers of wool, stick to the rules: if the toes facing each other - hence the product are top of us, if in the opposite direction - the future slippers are the sole upwards.Heels are always close to us.

Take carded wool, and slowly pull it out of the small pieces, placing them vertically to the entire surface patterns.At the same time, try not to go beyond the boundaries of the pattern, otherwise you may get doubled layers on the edge.

then lay the second layer, placing wool fibers perpendicular to the first row, then primnogo wool hand and cover grid - the layers are not shifted.Wear gloves, pour soapy water harvesting.Oriole advises to prepare it in advance, a small piece of the Gulf of soap with hot water.Gently press down arms wool over the net to make it wet, but do not rub it!If you have a car vibroshlifovalnaya Graduate School of Management, you can ease your work a little walking up it on the workpiece.

Remove the grid, holding the wool by hand.Turn the template and wrap coat that went over the edge templates.Start with the toe and heel, as it is the most difficult places.At the same time try not to form large folds.Spread the creases and wrap with a little tension to the center of sneaker.

soles do as well as top sneakers.To avoid confusion, it is possible to mark a piece of hair a different color.Turn the templates, wrap coat, top cover with netting, and start rubbing your hands products from outside to inside, paying particular attention to the edges of the toe and heel.When you feel that the top coat matted, and carefully remove the mesh begins to rub his hands harvesting.

Moistening hair, remember that water should not be much, otherwise the hair is not matted.Hands should be soap, but not in the bubbles.If a lot of water - remove the excess with a towel.

Rub the product more and more confident, gradually adding force until the sneaker will not be much denser.Then remove excess water: press lightly with one hand on the sneakers and the other remove the water.Pick and roll the massager his sneaker in all directions.To make it easier slid, first put the product in the plastic bag.Kata for five minutes on each side.Massager will help seal the middle and inner layers.

End felting define pulling the villi, if after her stretches the entire layer, continue.

Now we need to make the wool of the village.To do this, take the product, lying face up, from the heel to the toe and rolled 50-100 times.Straighten, flip the soles up, roll up from the toe to the heel and rolled as much.Again, expand, flip on the front side, roll along and do the same job.

Most shrinkage is one of the sneakers, which is located inside the roll, so the direction of the need to constantly change!

To get a template, pull back from the edge of 4-6 cm and make a small incision - only be climbed hand.If the folds are formed, they must be well smoothed.To form the heel, squeeze your fingers into a fist and strokes sneakers, smoothing the edges.

again rolled all surfaces massager, followed by a good lap incision site, compacting them.Again in different directions displace sneakers and rolled them.A little drag slice hands.Use scissors to make a cut-out, line the heel.Mallets repel slippers on a plane - they become even tighter.

Wet Sneaker water under the tap.Lather, wash them, rinse and squeeze through the towel.Take sneakers, slip the inside out and flatten all seams.Mallet to work again from all sides and it is rolled on sneakers so that they align.

Wet product put on the form and give it legs, stroking and rubbing.You can use the shoe last.Obstukayte beater slowly bends on foot, forming them.Finally, you can decorate sneaker, showing a fantasy: to attach to them flowers, glass beads or colored buboes made also by means of felting wool.

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