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06 May 2016

Once he decided that he would build a house, immediately began to prepare the project and above all determined to work for themselves can on weekdays from 19:00 to 22:00, and on weekends a full day.Construction began in 2006.

house building


work on the construction of the future home lsagan began by digging a trench for a continuous footing.With mini excavator bucket width is 40 cm, dug a trench to a depth of soil freezing, then manually extended to the bottom of 70 cm and a height of 20 cm. The soil in the area proved to be very hard, and chipped clay literally piece by piece.Then, they filled sand, stamped and placed reinforcement for the foundation.

formwork for the foundation of the ground he made of boards from the conventional pallet obbil of 5 mm sheet of hardboard using a stapler.To formwork not raspёrlo bottom, he scored pegs and promptly inserted the excavated soil.All level-checked, it turned out well.

for pouring concrete mixers 7 lsagan ordered a conveyor belt.Accor

ding to her as the chute concrete from the tank is fed to the desired point of the formwork.The calculation was so accurate that after pouring the concrete foundation of excess turned smoothly with a bucket.

A week later he removed the formwork, and the inside of the foundation missed waterproofing mastic, mastic glued on top of two layers of roofing material, to cut off the PC from the moisture of the foundation.

slabs for the ground floor, he has purchased in advance and when their turn came to put on the grout.


lsagan walls of the house decided to erect cellular concrete, the size of which - 640h300h200 mm.Blocks proved correct form, he was putting them on the glue, and the drop in the corners of the building was not more than 1 cm.

After raising the walls of the first floor, he began tinkering formwork for Laying nets out of OSB 10 mm thick which is cut into ribbons 20cm-width.Slabs nailed it to the wall of ordinary nails 45% so that the formwork was 12 cm from the top of the block.To strengthen the formwork fastened with screws on top plank, which strengthened the formwork and put the valve.During filling Laying nets everything went smoothly nowhere raspёrlo.Top Laying nets laid concrete slabs.


only part of the house that is not built lsagan - is the roof.But he tried to penetrate and strictly followed the process.

as roofing, he chose a life ceramic tiles made in Germany.The choice was not accidental.Works with other material not much different in price, and the price of 10 euros per square his suit, and the material is durable.For the strength of the roof pitch of the rafters made of 90 cm, and the size of 180h50 mm rafters.Top rafters solid sheathing boards of 22 mm, windproof membrane Yutovek, tile board, shingles itself.Because of the high cost of end tile gable ends of the closed metal windscreen area brown to match the gutter system, which is also of metal.

Overlap the second floor and roof slopes, he insulated Knauf - Thermo Double Roll 040-1200 in three layers of 5 cm each, and on top of the metallized vapor barrier membrane Stroizol RL 30. Did the hatch to the attic stairs to the roof and it was convenientstore all kinds of materials on the rafters, joists was packed solid crate of 20 mm board.

ridge beam rests on the gable blocks and the middle of several pillars which in turn are based on the partition wall.He applied insulation Thermo Double Roll 040. The experience of the construction of the first house he prefers as insulation mats, not rolls.

Winter came

winter time period in the window openings put it b / window to the snow did not fall in.In winter, the work did not stop, it was in full swing, because the winter temperatures below -5 C is omitted.Interior work began with the construction of interior partitions.To do this, I use a white silicate brick.

For the convenience of walking on floors with the first cast stairs to the second floor.In the spring of ordered and inserted glazing.Brought 4 cube mortar.lsagan worked with him, so everything turned rovnenko and Gorny, but it still was not enough for 2 rooms.

After mortar lsagan decided to take the roof insulation.Of course, tempting to buy a prefabricated metal loess, but can steal, so did all bought roof boards and gathered himself.Moreover they can be applied in the construction of other buildings.

remain vigilant when working at height - can fall!


lsagan Originally the project planned to make the facade of bricks, but to save money decided to make decorative plaster "bark beetle".Material for insulation, he chose polystyrene Polish manufacturer brand EPS 70, 5 cm thick.Around the windows I put the stone wool.Glued on the glue.But after studying the "wind rose" and the recommendations of manufacturers of decorative plasters, all the sheets of polystyrene it is reliably secured with plastic plugs at the rate of 4 per square meter.

walls smooth polystyrene geometrically correct, so that the joints were practically no slots, so the work went quickly, and where were, were sealed with the same material.But despite the convenience, it took a lot of glue so often had to climb down from the scaffolding and cook it.

fear that the whole exterior wall after plastering will not look smooth (as a patch) lsagan decided to unravel under the wall.For this, he after priming the walls in the color of plaster the future, shared flat rectangles on the wall, first horizontally and then vertically (spirit level and pencil) then the lines he stuck masking tape.

plasterers from left to right, two strips at a time, right on the tape.Scotch have to take immediately after plastering otherwise, then do not come off.The width of the adhesive tape 2 cm. After drying, the plaster groove he paints over the same width of the façade paint roller, but darker tones.


  • Do not try to paste over the wall with tape immediately - he still will not be held, the wind will blow.Everything is done gradually in the course of work;
  • can not render direct sunlight;
  • Before working, make sure that the next day is not going to rain;
  • If you plan to take the acrylic "bark beetle" is roughly calculate the desired flow volume on an entire wall, otherwise there is a chance not to get in tune.Computer selection of colors does not provide a 100 percent guarantee;
  • One day he managed to put "bark beetle" on one wall.In the morning at 8 am and started the evening ended.

With external dimensions of the house 14 x 9 meters were the main expenses:

  • Strip foundation - 126 500 rubles (54 cubes);
  • Aerated concrete blocks - 30h20h600 - 53 400 rubles (1616 pcs.) 40h20h600 - 81 300 rubles (440 pcs.);
  • tree roof-tile-work and small things trough + = + 11 0000 121 000 + 180 000 = 411 000 rubles;
  • mortar for interior plaster cube 4 - 8 000 rubles.
  • On the first floor it took 72 000 thousand rubles.lsagan mounted, and his father ran a crane at the bottom (lane-Vir) 2 hours for everything about everything.

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