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06 May 2016

Second, factory machinery does not always meet the needs of cottagers let it captivates beautiful design, and the issue of security is well laid out, but not always cope with its tasks.For example, an electric motor, located at the bottom of a garden shredder, does not allow to recycle the raw materials: the stems for compost, fruits with stones for house wine.Or even the most feature-rich device is too tough for branches thicker than 3-4 cm, and it is desirable that they are straight.Finally, certain things or not commercially available, or they are unthinkable expensive.

That in such cases where the vacationers need a more powerful, versatile and durable technology, when you want to realize their potential and make the inventive necessary in an economy thing with their hands, they take up homemade.


Alexei Fyodorov was faced with a similar problem when choosing a motor cultivator: in stores wide range of models, but the machine that could cope with the processing section 19 acres and st

ill fit into the allocated budget, was not found.As a result, I got the idea to make the device itself, the good friend of the artist Mikhailovich helped the owner: Alex, how techies got to implement the plan and modify the invention.

for motoblock engine was borrowed from the scooter "Ant" T-200: adjust it for other tasks are not difficult.Frame welded sheet metal thickness of 4 mm and 40 mm tube.The engine is rigidly attached to it on three pillars.It was established magneto and carburetor.From scrap materials and parts made muffler, air filter and upper cover of the engine cooling system of forced air flow.

sprocket and flanged shafts with shared processor.The drive from the engine shafts - with the help of a chain drive (Izhevsk used two chains: one threw a big star from the checkpoint, inside frame made drive shafts).Alex drew attention to this point.The optimum speed shafts can achieve selection of the gears, but all are limited to the lower casing frame, otherwise it will simply not be sunk into the ground.

internal circuit craftsmen grease, providing for this filler and drainer.Leather produced from the pipe.He holds several positions in height during transport it can be folded.The PPC - three assists, enough for first, otherwise the car is not theft.Assists turned off manually.Also, manual control valve actuator made carburetor made using grinders and welding of tubes and bars.Validating says that it is also suitable decompressor handle the bike, but the course of the cable will be small.

Tillers By Alex stuck wheel.Its setting allows you to adjust the depth of plowing the soil.Another advantage - reducing the load on the hands, which is important with a significant weight of the device - about 90 kg.Nozzles with width 120 cm fabricated from pipes and brackets, they are fixed to the shaft spline into the groove and the axial movement of the bolt.

After testing works it turned out that the power of the engine used to reserve enough: the virgin soil was plowed to a depth of bayonet spade in two or three passes.In the normal ground need to re-pass with the capture of the previous strip no.Among the disadvantages - walk-behind several sluggish.However, the problem does not occur if only handle garden without plants.

to move from place to place Aleksey wheel inserts into the pipe with a knife and fix through bolt without removing the shaft from the nozzle (this allows you to make the flight shafts 150 mm).The plans of the host - to make a stand under the shaft for the transport in the body, because without attachments machine is much easier and does not damage the body, reduce the wheel and the plow do to be able to till, plant and dig up potatoes.Motoblock forumchanin cost about four thousand, many parts were found or taken from friends.

garden waste shredder

garden shredders - a useful thing when organic fertilizer is not enough, and do not want to apply mineral, comes to the aid of a homemade compost.Get it from a large and solid material is not so simple: on Aging will take 3-4 years.However, if the thick branches and stems of weeds pre-grind, the compost will be ready in a few months.

Viktor50 made chopper garden waste on their own, use blocks of the 26 cheapest Saws pobeditovymi surfacing (even if broken, easy to replace) and a motor of 2.2 kW.The only downside of the cable turned cultivator, but could not hear the engine is running and do not bother the exhaust gases.
bunch of half-rotten wood that remained after grubbing area, the device three hours turned into an excellent litter, which can be used as compost or pour a strawberry during ripening berries.Viktor50 was pleased with himself: Factory grinders are up to five times more expensive, and their knives tupyatsya 2-4 after half an hour of work.

Staratel2010 produced a similar device from an old lawn mower MTD.In the knife he cut off the blade to guide the mulch in the collection.Handy drain from the sink (for the "test" on the tank) - it was embedded in the hole in the mower.The height of the sink - under the knife.

Members Active notes that the unit needs to be improved: it is necessary to replace the plastic funnel to the metal, because the pipe is broken thick raspberry bars make quality fixtures and put a square tank, to make it easier.

Homemade shredder their work impressed the master: it is easy to grind a couple of wheelbarrows overgrown raspberry and less solid material.This Staratel2010 noted that when dismissing a branch, and it pulls at a high speed, long pieces are obtained, but if you hold a hand, all ground into dust.


Aleksej2000 collected scrap metal from a small tractor.Car engine he took on "Golf IIĀ», bridges - from the "Volga" - bought scrap, there took transfer case from "Niva", the wheels - from "Zila" for R20.Low or high frame 4x4 (perelomka) is used for the export of wood from the bushes.It works like a tank.

Disadvantages: in the field of welding are often broken drive shafts, machine tools for grooves no, not up to standard welding "on the knee."Conclusion forumchanin: if you have money, it's easier and cheaper to buy ready-made garden tools, rather than spend time and money on repairs.

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