Unusual chalet construction

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06 May 2016
Arbour with an unusual roof built by "ovp"

Have gazebo ovp wanted for a long time, but the standard form (five hexagonal, square, rectangular) he is not satisfied and the cost is very expensive.And if you build a pergola in the Japanese or Chinese style, the other buildings on the site should be in this style.

So he searched the Internet and came across an interesting gazebo on the roof of an unusual shape - folded diagonally across the rectangle.He liked the idea, and he began to dream on the gazebo with a roof, but that it was easy to make, did not require costly and was at the same time functional.

After thinking for a while, he decided to build a gazebo in the form of a square 4,5h4,5 m. Gazebos he made pier foundation of asbestos pipes that are buried to a depth of 0.9m and filled with concrete.

pillars that support the roof of the gazebo, he put out timber 100h100h622 mm.The height of the pillars in the lower corners was 1.2 meters high and 3.5 m. Calculation of the height of th
e roof made on the basis of its own growth.As a result, the angle of the roof was found to be 34 degrees.

as materials for the construction of the arbor he used: timber 50h100h6000 mm 100h100h6000 mm.On the floor spread a floorboard 38h188h6000 mm.All the details of the structure put together using fasteners Perforated reinforced corners and plates.

Wooden structures processed antiseptic and color Aquatex.The roof was covered with profiled Ondex, the color of bronze (with UV protection) size sheets 1020h2000 mm.

for the construction of the arbor, he spent two weeks.He worked together with his friend and son helped.The summer was hot and managed to work only 4 hours a day.

Total for all building materials he spent - 30 thousand rubles.

In order to make a cozy gazebo, he still bought desks, chairs, swing 4-bed that converts into a double bed, barbecue, hammock-chair hung from India and built a more old kitchen.

House built-ball "ra3xm"

ra3xm whole year planning and gathering information on how to build a house of a spherical shape.He had to see a lot of sites on kupolostroitelstvu, and all at the heart of the design was the icosahedron.This means that the doors and windows will be non-standard, and it will cost quite expensive.

A ra3xm wanted to use the most standard components to build everything yourself, without attracting labor.He wanted to create a constructor and its own - with two - three relatives and effortlessly attract and construction equipment - to assemble a house for his parents

Finding diagram of this design, he made calculations- the impact of wind and snow, and brought home that he would need at least bar section 60x60 mm.After all the calculations, he bought a bar 70x70 mm.

It was more difficult with connectors - you need to bend the plate with the precise observance of their value in the unit of degrees.

Again it is time to search for the manufacturer's website but the domes, he did not find it satisfying the requirements of the information, because everything is designed for small batch production.

As a result, he had to develop its own mounting system which allows you to assign one point to eight struts converging to it almost at random angles.For the manufacture of fastening segments used parts with bore.

counting the cost of these fixtures, it turned out that the cost of their kopeck.He ordered the necessary parts and safely assembled design size.As the foundation screw piles used to-boiled in the last year.

To assemble the house it took him 344 struts and assembly took 6 days.Mounting beams 17 screw piles produced in two days.Assembling all bolted frame - three days.Cording - two days (121 node with the number of spacers 4 to 7).And in less than a month he assembled skeleton of the dome home.

ribs skeleton ra3xm decided obbit OSB 18 mm.On top lay a soft tiles.Then make insulation and ventilation gap of 70 mm, and inside the house will Hobbit clapboard.On the floor is a non-combustible insulation 100 mm foam on top of 18 mm laminate and OSB.

home diameter is 8.1 m. Thus, the area of ​​the first floor turned 46 m / 2, and the second a little less, because of the sloping walls.This house will be living with his parents April and November.

internal layout of the house is not yet entirely clear, but the walls are pridvizhnye of thick polycarbonate.Heat the house is geothermal heating.

Feedback from owners dome homes in the US are living in better health and spirits.It is still unfinished house parents very much.For its construction they observe with great interest.

stay in the gazebo built on the same principle domed leaves positive, soothing sensation.

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