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05 May 2016

Specialty WEREG joiner - cabinetmaker, but never in his life he did not have to build houses.So he set out to build a frame house 6x9 meters.But in order to realize his dream, he had to consider everything thoroughly, and while he has not presented himself to the construction of what it is on the outside and the inside, he could not begin construction.

During consideration of the project of your future home, he parents and his wife made a sketch in AutoCAD, to have an idea of ​​the future house.The second floor consists of one room.

The construction

After final approval of its project in the fall he purchased lumber and 12 pillars of foundation for each of the bearing studs.Then pit dug to a depth of 1200 mm and a width of 600x600 mm.In them he has set the foundation pillars section 400x400 mm, the support they have extended section of 600x600 mm.

frame house
year later, closer to the fall, and continued construction of the house began with the sill, which i

s made of timber 16h160 mmfor strength, additionally reinforced boards 120h40 mm.The whole structure he collected on samorezah 6h120 and 6h180 mm.I twist them using a drill as screwdriver did not pull this load.Racks conclusion by lining the inside with plywood, a sheet size 2440 x 1220 mm.During the entire construction of the tree, he handles mining.

In parallel with the production of the frame of the first floor, he did binder subfloors, to be able to walk without falling.By the same principle, he then built the second floor.

Before the construction of the second floor, the entire frame is temporarily strengthened the struts.
second floor turned out to be much more difficult to build, so the logs were put boards on which subsequently gathered, farm trusses.

roof rafters
Having made it, despite the difficulties, alone, raised them, and secured in place, and then sewed roof edging board.In all this it took 4 days.

he covered roof Ondulin, and before that by his stele roofing material.Onduline is not fixed with nails and screws.

After one roof, she started filing zapazuhov.It was not easy, but thanks to the resourcefulness and ingenuity WEREG were invented special taped on which was packed planed board, which is sutured to the rafters below.

During the first second he put a roof with all of the difficulties and complexities.

then brought thick plywood, which is 9, and 18 mm, he put her on the floor and walls inside the house.Independently produced and installed in its place 12 windows and the front door.

After the box was over the house, he of two layers of wool 50 min + 50 made it home insulation sighted stapler, and then using the same stapler and wind insulation membrane made vapor barrier on the outside and inside the house.And before the winter, he sheathed house siding light.

WEREG working day lasted from 10.00 to 22.00.When not enough light it included a headlight lamp for lighting the building site.

House price it cost approximately - 300 000 rubles.

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