Construction of the fence and walkway

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05 May 2016

After buying the land s_e_s_h removed all old concrete path, and not to walk on the bare ground and not put dirt into the house, he decided to make a new track from the tile.

He did not like the usual, gray tiles and tiles of complex shape, because it needs to be cut during installation.And to choose the shape and color of the tiles to the track on his site, he and his family traveled by bicycle and garden partnership on one site saw a very nice colored paving tiles of regular geometric shape.

He tried to find on the Internet similar to the tile, but could not.To find out where you can buy this tile, he met with the owner of the plot and took his contact phone manufacturer.

Laying track

Track, he decided to make a width of 1 m, so that could disperse two people.Its length is 17 meters.Calculate the total area, he ordered the tiles with a margin of just 20 m / 2 red and yellow tiles 450 rub.m / 2 and 90 cm curbs yellow in an amount of 50 pieces.for 95 rub.sht.

While the price for laying
tiles reached 700 rubles.per m / 2 (2008).Then he gathered information on the Internet tiling and decided to do it himself.For speed and convenience in the work he hired worker for 500 a day.

make a layout and pulled the cord to the spot where the track will be a work day took 20 cm of soil over the whole length of the track.Then, using a home-made template they trimmed trench, removing irregularities.

prepared the trench at the bottom of it, he spread a layer of two geotextile to prevent the withdrawal of sand cushion in the ground.

To work went quickly, you need to prepare in advance patterns of boards right size and use them during installation.

on a protective layer of geotextile he poured 5cm CBC pulled the cord and along it began putting curbs.He did not bother them concrete, and sprinkled their PACs, using as necessary template - it helps to keep the same distance between the borders

After laying curbs 2/3 trench he fell asleep CBC, shed water and rammed.Before tiles laid in the trench, he leveled it a semicircular pattern, where the soil is not enough - poured sand shed with water, rammed mallet and put tile.The cracks between the tiles he fell asleep sand.

tiling and curbs he made two patterns.One square for borders, the other semi-circular tile.The semi-circular pattern is not random.In a semicircular track water runs, and its semi-circular shape to compensate for slight drawdown in the middle of the tile.

tiling mallet need to buy more - it is convenient and easy to tamp the sand and level the tiles.At the time of purchase is required to see how the rubber part is held on the handle.

visiting the cottage in the evening, the track length of 17 m and a width of one meter, he laid out for a week.Tiles, purchased with a margin, only lasted for a track.Then he stopped and waited for her unexpected discovery.It turns out that of the 20 square tiles was not equal to 1 m / 2 as promised by the manufacturer, and 0.88 m / s 2.When he asked for an explanation to the store, there were surprised and delivered it for free is not enough 2.5 m / 2.tile.

Summarizing we can say that the track at 17 m / 2, he spent: for delivery of tiles and borders - 12.5 TRand 2.5 TR- For the work of the assistant, mallet and ASG.On installation it is saved - 8000 rubles.

Before purchasing the tiles you need to specify its actual size (better check yourself).
Putting it is not difficult.And yet this can save.

construction fence

During trips on bikes in the neighboring associations s_e_s_h saw a beautiful fence.And while there was no timber for the construction of the second floor, it was decided to put a similar fence on its site.

Ideally, it should be forged fence with concrete foundations and pillars of brick, surrounded by artificial stone.

Two days hired worker dug trench length of 20 m, a depth of 80 cm and a width of 38 cm. Then s_e_s_h computer calculated the optimal distance between the posts.Under the pillars he dug grooves for their pre-concreting.As columns used old peeled three-meter tube.

favorite fence

To fill the fence he ordered concrete mixer with M-100 volume of 5 cubic meters and $ 12 trBefore pouring the concrete pad poured into the trench of the CBC.For the reinforcement of the concrete base, he used non-smooth thick wire, and spread along the fence of the future concrete rubble from the old tracks, dismantled at the site.When I approached mixer and started to fill the trench, s_e_s_h only had time to throw its concrete Booth.Thus, the first step before the concreting has been finished ground level.

for several days was made formwork and filled with the top of the fence height 35 cm above the ground and a width of 38 cm (half brick).

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