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04 May 2016

amalex conceived to build a new gazebo in the country.Old, a tent does not help in the rain, and looks bad, despite the fact that defended only two seasons.


To lay the gazebo at the site, he came very seriously.The site had a little, so he carefully measured the distance between the gazebo and squeezed plum and apple trees.The gazebo has two entrances.

Arbour he made of metal, because he did not want to mess with the tree.And under such a heavy roof needed to strengthen the wooden frame, and the money would come out more.And so the welder and the owner cooks create whatever you want at your leisure, without much effort.

frame gazebo amalex decided to make a square profile 20x40 mm iron.Size gazebos 330h260 cm, and 240 cm ridge height. Hipped roof was planned, and as roofing shingles.On the floor I decided to put paving tiles.

Construction gazebo

First amalex raschertil place on earth where it will be located garden furniture, sprinkle with sand and put it on the paving slabs.Then he

invited welder who welded the frame of an iron pergola next profile 20x40 mm.Welded frame it covered the ground and painted.The frame is on the ground floor of around paving slabs.

then bought:

  • Lining - 9 packs, type B, 6 packs of 310 mm in length and 3 -360mm;
  • bars 40h40- 5 pcs.for the frame under the bottom bunk;
  • bars 40x60 for skates kryshi- 8pcs .;
  • carved cornices 7 165 rub .;
  • 5 bundles of shingles for 650 rubles.for 3kv.m .;
  • 10 tubes of sealant for laying tiles of 55 rub .;
  • canister mineral spirits;
  • nails, screws, 3 packs Staples -12mm.

Samoё difficult to make the roof.To iron frame is attached to the roof bars 40x60 mm and nailed him to a solid crate under the shingles.I make one with two ladders in place.Then he took two opposite quarters of the roof.The removed a quarter in a shed he covered with shingles (shingles put on the sealant, fixing just in case stapler bracket 12mm.) The upper rows of tiles laid, using the openings on removed quarters.Then he threw four complete quarters on the roof.

tiles on a horse he did not buy separately and cut in sheets of teeth and got rectangular sheets, of which did skate.The hardest thing was to fix the tile at the top of the ridge lying on the roof and resting in the stairway.Ladder barely held two people.

In the next step needed to hang a curtain and lining obbit sidewall height of 80 cm. - It was easy.And in the end everything is left to decorate a wooden area and cover the whole tree varnish and conduct electricity.Winter gazebo wintered perfectly.

With time gazebo zarastёt vines will shade, beauty and lepota.

Approximate cost of the gazebo with the job - 20 thousand. Rubles.

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