Christmas decorations with their own hands

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04 May 2016

In modern families often decorate the Christmas tree with colored balls, plastic or glass toys and garlands, bought in the store.And it looks like a fairytale Christmas beauty, dressed in a bright and original outfit, "cross-linked" from unnecessary little things that will always be in the house: detached buttons, beads, ribbons and pieces of fabric, small jars and even pasta!


Viktosha proposes to make Christmas tree of these materials, use one sheet of drawing paper, toys, tinsel and a few pins (3-4 pcs.) Length of one meter.Whatman fold the sack, the base is made smooth, and the edges stick tape.Starting from the top, wrap the tinsel in the form of a spiral, if necessary, secure with pins.Hang on Christmas tree garland of small, lightweight toys.As a result, you get a neat New Year's tree in just half an hour of work.

To make a spectacular Christmas tree height of 25 cm, you will need to 200-300 g of pasta "feathers", "Moment" or the gun with silicone glue, cardboard and paint.Cardboard fol

d in the form of a cone, and starting from the top, attach it to the pasta.Herringbone color gold or silver paint.


Tatiana P gives the "recipe" of nativity figures of these "ingredients": a plastic bottle with "waisted" height of about 20 cm thick or corrugated paper toilet, bead foam or blown eggs, cardboard, wire, wrapping paper and parchment, tape, PVA, spray gold paint.In the manufacture of each angel will take 3-4 days.

head made of blown eggs or bead foam, solid wires, strips of toilet paper and glue (PVA diluted with water).Bend the wire in half and glue to the sharp end of the egg, then the egg obkleyte small squares of paper and dry.

strips of toilet paper 2 cm wide grease paste, twist the cord and wrap around the egg.From stripes 7,5h20 see also lubricated paste, weave plait and wrap the egg - a hair.Head, arms, torso, and wings do so: the two weave wire 10-15 cm long, wrap toilet paper, paste in a greased (wrist, shoulder, forearm) and insert into the bottle (trunk), wrapped in the same paper.From cardboard cut out wings, stick them on the foil, folded like an accordion, trim the edges.

Skirt made of three parts, each of which consists of two adjacent sheets of toilet paper, folded and glued.Top accordion fold, spread the adhesive and press to your body, placing one part of the front, and the rest - around the body.The body put on a thick foil, glue to the back of his hands with tape.Sleeves make crepe paper from 10x10 cm, folded diagonally and glued together.Fold back half a centimeter cuffs and drape.Collect all the items, and then the whole figure gold paint spray paint and dry.In the hands of angels, insert any object - a pipe, a scroll with the wishes etc.On the neck Tie ribbon or lace.

Scroll can wear out, the Gulf of paper iced tea.

luminous figure

Murychev made a shining figure of a deer from the skein of steel wire 3 mm and a garland (about 7 meters).Woven wire frame painted with silver paint and wrapped a garland.For volume used silver tinsel (14 pcs.).Deer cost about 800 rubles.When flashing garland and lights shimmer, it seems that the deer runs.

To give the figure the volume, you can use cotton wool and starch.Vata unwind in one painting, starch brew, cool and brush Spread on cotton, which then wrap the frame.Shape the hands and allow to cool.Then you can paint, wrap lights, decorate toys and sequins.


Original Christmas decorations can be made of blown bulbs, salt dough, foam or foam, plastered with their pasta, coffee beans or nuts and paint.To make wicker balls, inflate a small balloon, tie it, brush PVA and wrap thick thread.When they dry out, the ball will go down and pull gently.Then you can decorate a toy.

so-va proposes to make a New Year's bells: tie frame hook, dip in PVA, pull on the appropriate form of a glass and let it dry.Then cover hairspray Glitter or acrylic gloss.Tatyana2008 advises make Christmas decorations from the remnants of felt, decorated with embroidery and lace.

Toys can be decorated with artificial snow of PVA mixed with soda until thick curd.

The gift

Beautiful gifts for the New Year can be made using the decoupage technique: a candle pattern transfer using a hot spoon.To decorate napkins and bottles of champagne soak and remove the label, degrease the glass, apply a first coat of PVA or acrylic paint, then cover with white paint.Top affix napkins, printed image, thinning card or paper for packaging.Touch up, do background circle contour decorate sequins or "snow" from PVA and semolina, write congratulations.

symbol of New Year

uncomplicated dragon figure made of cardboard, foil, double-sided colored paper, tinsel and glue.Draw a silhouette or copy from the Internet, move on colored paper.The wings are made of foil, collecting its "accordion".On the back of dragon slotted and paste wings.

What a New Year festive wreaths without?They can be made of the real fir branches or wires, wound its tinsel, decorated with toys and garlands.

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