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17 May 2016
Many believe that cultivate roses difficult and unreliable.It's not as though certain knowledge and skills needed amateur gardeners.Cultivated roses are usually propagated vegetatively.Here are the most affordable gardeners breeding techniques, you always get the non-grafted plants.Depending on the type of shrub roses propagated by layering, cuttings, suckers, or by dividing the bush.

dividing the bush.

is used for breeding greenhouse roses - white, wrinkled, French and others. Divide the bushes in the spring, before bud break.Bushes are dug and cut into several pieces, so that each had several shoots and roots.If the parent plants to save, it is not completely dug out and separated only part of the bush.

On delenki cut very long and damaged roots when digging.Also shorten the shoots, leaving 3-4 buds, converts outward or sideways (for the proper formation of the bush).Small branches are cut.The wounds cleaned knife.Roots dipped in a mash of a mixture of clay and mullein (or from one clay), and t
he plant is planted to a permanent place.


this way propagate shrubs that in the period of intensive growth give suckers.They are separated and treated as in the previous case, and put on another place.

cutting, coils ODA

This technique is particularly suitable for the reproduction of stem varieties.It is equally suitable for own-rooted, and for grafted plants.
shoots growing from the root collar, bends, placed in a shallow groove prepared carefully prishpilivayut and fall asleep on top of loose moist soil.

tops of shoots tied up to stakes, to give them upright.In places of contact with the ground cuttings with a sharp knife make a pre-circular notches crust to form roots.The soil at the site prikopki should be constantly moist.Separate the cuttings from the mother plant better next spring.


Depending on the method of propagation, you can get a different planting materials: stem cuttings, woody, semilignified that harvested in the summer.

If you want to have in the garden of a strong, abundantly flowering shrubs, the roses have to be propagated by grafting "eye" (bud) on rose.In this case, the plant receives more and more cold-resistant, compared with root-genuine.Although the latter also have a number of advantages over graft: the overground part winterkilling, shrubs recovered from dormant underground kidney;they do not have is the root seedlings, which necessarily have to be removed;planting is faster.

So choose any suitable way for you.

Good luck!