Original ideas for decorating garden

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04 May 2016

I think that every argument in my life to meet people who are called eccentrics.It yourselfers who love to paint on the windows Funny Face, you mourners silently from a country house in the bustling city.They are the ones who bring home old and seemingly unnecessary things, ennoble them and find them a place.

This home, coming home, and to which, looking at the interior, equipped with their own hands, first chuckles to himself, say what this initiative - not too simple and in a modern way?And you leave with a strange feeling which stirred something in your heart, and in a hurry to come back to re-experience this unusual and warm atmosphere of "live" at home.

participant of the forum "Home and cottageĀ» Sana +, together with her husband a lot of time and effort given to his country - being finished, trimmed, insulated.Almost all the work done on their own host until the hostess truly engaged women's work - home decoration, which later became their permanent home.Some of their decorating ideas she shared

with forum participants.

Stone River

One of the first objects touched alterations, was "waterfall" flowing from the mountain rocks.The market profiteer this trumpet, which capped alpine hill: water passed through it, began to publish a sound like of the dungeon.Another unexpected idea turned out to be a stone, "trickle", "flowing" with slides, which, in turn, turned into a kind of strawberry flower bed, flowering and fruiting from spring to late autumn.

Later owners through a stone paved river birch bridge blends into the area with left alive slender birches.And on the hill, among the rocks, "settled" Birds of shells.

Decoration sauna

sauna exterior is also made with his own hands, the owners decorated spilite of young birches.Rag pickers have bought wooden stand, varnished and glued "liquid nails" on the door of pair.

Such saw cut Sana + advises to use to decorate the walls and partitions in the house and yard, trims, furniture, as well as in the manufacture of frames for mirrors.


Since I moved out of town, you can not do without a mailbox.Then the hosts showed their considerable imagination: dismantled old cuckoo clock, attached to the front side of a small box, and that the original is ready to hack - and a box for letters and beautiful decor, which is complemented by the New Year with glass icicles and pine branches.

Transfiguration interior and exterior

flowerbeds and flowerpots Sana + is made from what was at hand: stumps, old plastic baskets, trunk of an abandoned country house, garden pot, string bags of metal mesh, rusty pitcher, painting them with acrylicpaints and complementing Spila.

Arches in the house and on the porch, carved into lumber, impregnated composition dark and a little gold.They added natural and rural housing color.

collages decorated the walls of the mistress of "antique", brought together under one frame vintage pictures of brave Cossacks with crosses and swords and huge bank notes of the last century.

To visually enlarge the room, the hosts also altered ceilings, paneling covering gray board "Den" with narrow baguette.Having started under them garlands, the owner made a sparkling multi-colored lights "starry sky".Street lights and horns Losev, equipped with lights, also contributed to the coverage of dwellings.

Holiday "residentsĀ»

what I do not deny the residents of a wooden house, it's in humor.And he manifested in the fact that the owners were quick to get the same as they are non-standard "neighbors."One of the first on the fence there Levushka on old Russian tradition tout the house with fragrant pipe tobacco and a bottle, and Andrey in a hat with a bird, warning intruders that valiant people are not welcome here.

barn looks out the window, holding a solar lantern, Stepan with his twin brother.And on the rusty stove donated neighbor, basking Emelka.

separate Respect deserves fountain with "Manneken Pis", made out of the tub to the sauna, which eventually turned into a swashbuckling guy.And of course there were "king of the forest" - Goblin, recharge merry company that is constantly growing, transformed and lives his life as if, delighting owners and guests.

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