New Year cruise: Baltika four days

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03 May 2016

New Year in a new place with strangers and fresh impressions - perhaps this is what attracts many people to go to the New Year's trip.Some dream of returning to a favorite city, others - to go skiing or, conversely, to taste exotic overseas.And someone decides to collect a maximum of emotion, visiting various countries in a few days.

Wondering how to spend holidays Marina Volotovo with his family stopped at a safe and comfortable journey to the lack of long waits at the border and delays of flights - cruises, which included a visit to the picturesque Baltic capitals: Tallinn, Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki.New Year's sea cruise on board has many advantages: daily change of impressions, new acquaintances, interesting program, good service, and most importantly - "hotel" that follows you everywhere, it is so nice to know that after a long day awaits you warmcabin and a delicious dinner.

St. Petersburg on December 31, 16-00, and now adventurers - on board large cruise ferry, designed for two th

ousand people.Anticipating something unusual, they just stay at the cabins, we went to master his new "home".Cinema, disco, game room for children, night club, post office, currency exchange, safes and a variety of shops - from perfumes to souvenirs - impressed the guests.Do not disappoint the gala dinner and New Year's Eve, which lasted almost until dawn, despite the fact that on the morning of travelers already expecting first destination.

Tallinn (Estonia)

Travel "City of Legends" Marina started with a visit to a "monument Mermaid" in Kadriorg - the most famous monument of Estonia in the form of a bronze angel, which was built in the late 18th century in memory of the perished crew of the battleship of the samename.

then visited the Olympic Sailing Center, the ruins of Pirita Convent, built in the Middle Ages, in the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, and then followed in the Old City.This historic part of Tallinn knowingly included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.With a unique medieval architecture and almost unchanged network of streets, it is imbued with the spirit of antiquity.

supplement the overall impression of a cozy and beautiful city monument "happy chimneysweep", symbolizing hard work and hospitality.Following the legend, travelers touched his buttons, to find happiness.Meet the capital of Estonia completed the purchase of souvenirs and traditional captain's reception on the ferry with a performance of circus performers.

Riga (Latvia)

magnificent city with a rich history of travelers met crowds of tourists wandering the streets looking for grog and Christmas shops with souvenirs.The road along the promenade from the port to the Old Town Hall Square and took 20 minutes.Park surprised the abundance of pigeons and ducks.

few shots on the way back through the cable-stayed bridge, and again - almost became a mother steam.A little time for heating, food and recreation, and guests went to a meeting with the singer In-Grid.

Members, visited Riga advised not to move away from the city center: the sad and dirty streets can spoil the impression of the trip.

Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm - one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Mälaren.According forumchanin Garry, the city surprised beautiful buildings, green parks, clean air and fantastic water views.

interesting fact is that the "suburban" areas of local residents is small in size - only 2-3 hundred.They are allowed to have a small house, so there is growing only flowers.Those wishing to purchase even a small piece of land in the city - lots and sites themselves - is not enough: it is forbidden to extend the area of ​​the "dacha cooperative."In view of this, it can only be Truckers two ways - to find land for sale or to wait until the death of its owner.

Stockholm tour started early in the morning.The darkness and the cold is not pleased, but for dinner cleared up and the sun came out.Enchanted Swans arrived in the city center.INTERESTED change of the guard of honor.INTERESTED narrow streets, among which the most narrow - Marten Trotzigs Grand - a width of 90 cm.

unforgettable emotions gave visiting the most popular museum in Europe, where there is a huge warship "Vassa".It is well preserved, despite the fact that lay in the water for more than three hundred years.In the restoration work it took nearly eighteen years, after which the ship took their seats around 14,000 wooden items, including seven hundred sculptures.

evening ferry headed for Helsinki and pleased with the inhabitants of warm meeting with Anne Veski.

Helsinki (Finland)

where Marina was the first time 15 years ago.The city and its sights were familiar, so we decided to go to the suburbs, the city of Vantaa, a water park "Flamingo" and the shopping center JUMBO.Do not resist the temptation of a glimpse of shops, travelers belatedly realized that to get to the water park was not destiny.So happy shopping and happy, they are back on the ferry to enjoy the last hours of Christmas tales.

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