Billiard table to give his own hands

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03 May 2016

Surely, every fan of the game of billiards dreams of his own pool table.Someone he needed to hone their skills on a daily basis, improving professional skills, and for someone - this is just a way to spend time with friends away from the city.

In the first case, more suitable for professional table with top made of several thick stone slabs, and expensive textiles, however, such a pleasure - not cheap.In the second - you can restrict an easier option, especially as an amateur billiard table and you can make yourself.

think so forum participants "Home and cottage" Irene, decided with her husband to realize his dream and at the same time please the 14-year old son.Experience in construction in the suburban area they already had: they built a house and a bath, lay down the furnace.

Compared with the creation of the table seemed to not be so difficult.And the qualifications of the husband (the candidate of technical sciences) and her father (former chief designer), who, besides, were good pool player, in

spired confidence in the successful outcome of the case.

first husband, consulting the Internet, he did all the calculations, then went to work.Of the tools needed a hammer, hacksaw yes electric drill.

table, fully collapsible, the master did in size 9 feet (250h125 cm).All elements Bolts and screws.Each side took three bolts of all - 18. The rubber bead bought in the billiard shop.

bead apex rubber is cheaper to buy in the shop factory rubber products: the quality will be slightly worse than brand, but the price - much lower.You can also contact a professional billiard: they periodically change tires, you can buy a shot with larger table (usually worn tires at the mouth of pockets).

countertops made of plywood, covered with lacquer, sheathed cloth left after her husband's military service.We decided that even if such a table top, and short-lived, but it would be enough for more than a dozen good games, and remove the side and put a new one - no problem.

Underframe is made of pine boards for - use larch: it harder and harder.Also suitable oak, hornbeam, beech, black walnut and other hard wood.Countertops better not do of plywood and particle board or chipboard (laminated).Wood should be well dried and chipboard heed obsmotret: comes with an uneven surface!

In defense of the decision to other members Karl, a player with 15 years of experience, said that in the twelve-professional table usually takes four, sometimes three, plate thickness of 25 mm or 30 mm (for professional tournaments - 40 mm).

manufacture and maintenance of such a table can be a troublesome thing:

  • a lot of weight (one plate can weigh up to 300 kg);
  • coat the entire table is carried out with joint compound, you will need to take into account that with time table shrinks and plaster may crack and climb out on the reliability of the fillings can also influence changes in temperature;
  • correct tables Ardesi, because of the large weight make the metal rather than wooden frame, which will cause additional difficulties with the installation;
  • professional table needs to maintain constant temperature and humidity.Conclusion: Do I need a table at the cottage?

So, Irene's husband made a recess in the tabletop, self-bent metal strips - that pocket ready.

Irena also do not waste time - painted table and she crocheted mesh pockets for that turned out no worse than store, but much cheaper.

His hands did kievnitsu bought a ready-made balls and cues.

costs homemade pool table appeared small compared to those as if the owners bought ready.Total took six wooden bars, two sheets of plywood and rubber bead.That's the end result - the child in delight, all adult family members and friends - are delighted.

Inspired by the idea of ​​Irene, many forum users also think about how to make the country a pool table.A krotok, reading books, even performed a drawing table that displays the constituent elements of design: podstole, worktop, sides and legs.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"