Celebrate Year of the Dragon delicious: New recipes from members of the forum

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03 May 2016

In the Eastern tradition, to the year of the Dragon was a generous and kind to you to prepare the New Year dinner must be approached carefully and with taste.All products must be fresh, and on the holiday table should prevail seafood.Signature dish salads should be made of salmon, eel or salmon.It is also suitable dishes language, veal and duck.

Squid stuffed

Viktosha proposes to make a beautiful and tasty dish of these products: four carcass squid, two medium carrots, one onion, 3 tbsp.tablespoons of frozen peas, 1 cup rice, 1 clove garlic, mayonnaise (sour cream).

squid carcasses clean from the films, remove hryaschiki.

Half thawed squid easier to peel from the films under cold water.

For the filling: Boil the rice, fry the onions and carrots in the pan, add the boiled rice and peas, mix well.Stuff the squid that meat carcasses, leaving a little space.Stuffing can be prepared from other products: cabbage with egg and onion, rice with vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, onion), rice with mushro


Fix carcass wooden toothpick and place the pan in which the prepared stuffing.Fry over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side, one minute soak under the hood.

To prepare the squid for 3-5 minutes is enough!Do not overdo them on the plate, or they will become tough!

To prepare the sauce, take the juice left over from frying the squid.Mix it with 1 tbsp.spoon flour and dilute with mayonnaise or sour cream, add chopped garlic.Ready to lay out squid salad leaves and pour sauce.Above you can decorate any seasoning with herbs.Cooking time - 30-40 minutes.


Dima Danilov advises to cook fish delicacy, came to us from the diet of the peoples of the Far North.Validating used a piece of frozen salmon weighing 0.5 kg.Despite the fact that, according to the recipe, the fish should be prepared with the skin, Dimitri took it for aesthetic reasons.The fish is cut into pieces, put in an enamel container, which added 2 tbsp.l.coarse salt, about 1 tbsp.spoons of sugar, the juice of a lemon, 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a lot of dry dill (you can add grated apple and black pepper).All Stir, cover dish and refrigerate for oppression.

Then within two hours marinated onions, cut into half rings (half a cup of vinegar 9% mixed with half a glass of water), and then mixed it with salmon.Oppression was withdrawn periodically Dmitry shaking container and tried the fish taste.

Prescription, meals are prepared with fresh fish, so it should be ready in 10-15 minutes.Validating leave the fish in the refrigerator for prosolki overnight.The result: a tasty, original, unusual.


following recipe sushi divided Viktosha.You will need a coarse rice, nori seaweed (22h18 cm), fish (trout, salmon, tuna), wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce.For the filling you can also use shrimp, crab sticks, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, caviar.

Minimize land comfortably with a special bamboo mat.

Figure rinse several times and boil for 5 minutes over high heat in a ratio of 1: 1 with water.Then hold at low heat for 15 minutes, covered and then let sit for 5 minutes.

Sushi made from the cooled rice.On the mat, place a sheet of nori.Above, departing 1 cm from the edge, put 3-4 tablespoons.spoons of rice, distributing it to the middle of the sheet thickness of no more than 5-7 mm.Then lay out the filling along the leaf: 2-3 pieces of fish and cucumber, 2-3 crab sticks with lettuce, 4-5 shrimp with avocado, or in other combinations.

Folding mat, nori rolls, twist roll, leaf margin slightly moisten with water and glue.First roll with a sharp knife, cut in half, then divide each half to 3-4 parts.You get 6-8 rolls.It is better to eat them dipped in soy sauce mixed with wasabi.

Cake of smoked salmon

To make this snack cake recipe is provided Vasilisa 69, you need to buy a pack of frozen puff pastry (6 sheets), 250 g smoked salmon, 300 g of a 35% cream, 100 g of crab sticks.To decorate the need: olives, cucumber, slices of smoked salmon, tomato, parsley.

puff pastry Bake six cakes.In a blender chop half the salmon and crab sticks to puree consistency.Pour in the cream and whisk until thick.Add the sliced ​​salmon and crab sticks.On the cooled cakes lay "cream", adding cakes each.Garnish with slices of salmon roses, olives, cucumber, tomato and let it brew.

Snack Cake Tuna

For a small cake you will need: ready puff pastry (pack of 6 sheets size 40smh40sm), a jar of canned tuna and mushrooms, two medium onions, six hard boiled eggs, 150 grams of grated Dutch cheese500 ml mayonnaise.

To prepare a great cake, double the dose.The dough can be rolled thinner, then beat with a fork so that when baking is not swollen.

Korzh bake until golden brown at 180 ° C.Jagged edges, trim, chop and set aside for dusting.

chopped onion and fry in margarine, then fry the mushrooms and mix with cheese, grated on a grater burachnoy and eggs - to more shallow.Meat tuna mash with a fork and mix with 1-2 tbsp.tablespoons of mayonnaise.

One cake Spread tuna mixed with mayonnaise, and the second - an egg with mayonnaise, on the third place mushrooms and onion with mayonnaise, cheese next smear mayonnaise, last - egg mayonnaise.The edges of the cake obmazhte mayonnaise, on top of the cake with a wooden board and put the goods to the cake lined.Then the product Spread mayonnaise on top and sprinkle with the crumbs from the dough and chopped greens.

cake is desirable to make the evening so he could soak overnight.


If you want to decorate a festive table original dish, make a cake in the form of a symbol of the new year - the Dragon.To do this, you can buy a sponge cakes or make coffee.To do this, melt in a water bath of butter and a little cool it.Also, a steam bath, whisk sugar, salt and eggs until thick sour cream.Remove from heat, continuing to stir, add the butter, coffee and flour.Pour the dough into a mold and bake at 200 ° C for 20-25 minutes.

Korzh cool and cut into "parts" of the dragon.Drizzle with brandy elements, seal it (you can use jam), after which the entire dragon obmazhte cream.Coffee cream can be prepared from 800 ml of cream, 40 g of powdered sugar, instant coffee and cocoa.

Stir remaining sour cream and powdered sugar with green dye.This mass fill pastry syringe with a nozzle in the form of stars and decorate dragon cream, then - nuts (eyes), jelly (claws), chocolate dragees (nostrils).Kinks in the spine make of waffle cones or waffles with chocolate, you can replace them with chocolate.Wings make of cloth or mastic.

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