The diamond lattice of twigs

By Admin | Garden, Garden
16 May 2016

Gardeners welcome any help, time is always short.Do not have time to look back as the first spring shoots are transformed into striving upward, but bowed under the weight of massive flowers or fruit stalks of peonies, tomatoes, peas.

has long been the owners of orchards and kitchen gardens used sticks and wicker fence made of branches of willow or hazel to support the garden plants.Modern gardeners seeking a functional, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution that can do the same.

We'll show you how to make out the bars with diamond-shaped mesh.
you just need to cut live plants smooth and strong stems with a diameter of 1.3 cm. The easiest way to work with the shoots of apple trees, but fit as willow, dogwood and maple.

for grating height 93-95 cm. And a length of approximately 3 m. We have 60 bars in length 0,9-1,25 m., And three more in length 1.25-1.55 m thick.
sequence of actions is:

Plan structure

Sort the bars in length, using the longest first.Prepare pieces of light string leng

th of 12-15 cm. Insert the thick supporting rods in the ground to a depth of about 15 cm. At the edges and in the middle of the future grid.Connect twigs twine, tying her to the ground - it will stick to a straight line while weaving the fence.Take two "standard" rod length of 13 cm. And 93 cm. - To measure the distance between the bars and the height of the fence.

established the first "diagonal»

Place the 13-inch twig so that the central support divided it in half, and each end of the slide to the ground rods parallel to each other at an angle of approximately 60 degrees to a depth of 75 cm. end supports slide bars at an angle to the earth so that they intersect in front of the support rod.

establish and strengthen the rest of the bars

Using the same reference twig, slide the three rod at an angle to the ground on both sides of the support, tie with string at the point of intersection of the earth, in the middle and top of the fence.Continue to weave the fence from the center to the edges - up to the point when you strengthen twine bars on the sides.

Trim the ends of the rods

Go through the resulting structure.If necessary, touch up the fence and secure again.Cut too long, the bars from above, using a long reference rod.The support bars as well cut to the outline of the fence were flat.

Put peas and watch climb the fence

shoots growing shoots tendrils wrapped around the bars of the fence, getting the optimal amount of light and air.What is particularly pleasing - ripe pods will be very easy to collect.

Support growing peonies

Wicker fence will be a great support for growing peonies.It is recommended to change the height and location of the fence grows flowers.

Make fence for tomatoes

As support for the tomatoes you can build a fence on four pillars.Plug into the land of metal rods of approximately 1.9 m. Thus, to get square with sides of about 80 cm. Then straight apple twigs tie to the supports so as to intersect the bars formed the letter X. The top of the tower to form intersecting arches - bent twigs, tiedto opposite supports.Ripe tomatoes can be easily assembled.