Frame house for dogs

By Admin | The Hands
02 May 2016

With the construction of the booth or enclosure for dogs should not be forgotten that these buildings - albeit a small but significant part of the landscape and the architectural style of country estates.Therefore, it is important that the construction was not only comfortable and attractive, but also harmonizes with other architectural elements.

To achieve this, it is not necessary to do kennel miniature copy of the master's house.It will be sufficient to use individual elements of the decor, which is on the house, gazebo, wells and other buildings.

Requirements for construction

first thing worried dog owners - to booth was a good shelter for their pet and in the heat and cold.Therefore, the walls of the kennel should be double, and without cracks, foundation and floor - to protect from the cold ground.Do not forget about insulation.Bobik insulate houses can be foam, polystyrene foam, felt and other materials.Many owners go on - hold heating and even light, transforming the structure into a real


also often cut out of the window in the booth.In this case, it should be remembered that the holes do not have to create a draft.Traditionally, the entrance to the dog house made in the center, but it is - a mistake.The dog is not ash pit, it is better to move in the direction of, and in the winter thick curtain close.

next item - the size of the building.House for dogs should not be too roomy, otherwise the animal will freeze, but not close to watchdog was free to stay there.The optimum width and height, 10 cm long and the height of the little dog.

Validating believe that the best material for the booth is the tree - it holds heat well.The building of this material, if necessary, can be moved, can not be said about the permanent structures of brick.In addition, the wooden houses, as a rule, do with lifting or removable roof, but because they easier to clean.

Again, the tree will like your four-legged friend, because it can bite or sharpen it on the nails.However, in view of this, the booth should not cover lacquers or paints.For the kennel is not suitable conifers that secrete resin.Better to stay at the hardwood - ash, birch, linden, etc.

boards and plywood for the booth must be well sanded, without chipping the dog to avoid injury.Wood protective structures to be processed so that it is not moldy or rot.

for Shepherds Hut

Member Forum Capitoshka planned to do for the booth Shepherd of two sections: in the kennel had to be insulated "sleeper" seat and an outdoor terrace.There's a dog could eat or relax in the summer, protected from the heat and rain.It is also anticipated that the construction will be sustained in the same style as the house for the well, the more so that both facilities are located nearby.

first Capitoshka made framework for sex, which nailed the draft floor.

to the dog out of the booth was free to explore the territory, the owners have decided to do in the wall box.Login organized a windless side.Window acquired two frames of the same size.They are inserted through the seal glass.To better frame connected between them paved and seal tightly sealed both parts together.Then they cut the bolts to close them inside frames.

floor warmed by two layers of «Rockwool» 50 mm each.Top consolidated vapor barrier.We put "foundation".

wall attached to the floor.Boards used are not the best, some were deformed during drying, so they had to straighten, well pressed.Insulated walls.In the joints paved flax.

then fix the ceiling and warmed the front wall.Closer to winter hosts will hang the curtain at the entrance of the greatcoat cloth.

Capitoshka built a truss system.Insulation in the walls and roof of the home closed membrane that allows vapor to pass a heater inside, but will get wet from rain outside in case of leakage of the roof.The membrane is fastened with nails with large heads.The edges of the membrane are glued to the ceiling special tape by connecting to that which has been fixed on the walls.Thus organized the closed circuit impedes the flow of moisture in the insulation.

The same membrane on top of a bed of rafters and fastened with wooden slats.At the same time they are a crate under the roofing material."Onduline" jigsaw cut and nailed to the sheathing.

On the walls of lath put a block house.Consolidated the outer skin.Corners and joints are closed casings, baseboards and corners.They put the porch.Decorative elements sawed jigsaw and grinder, and covered with two layers of composition derevozaschitnogo "Aquatex" color "tick."Booths covered lighter - "pine".

After final assembly of the whole structure was treated with transparent varnish Yachting, resistant to atmospheric precipitation.On top of the triangular pediment made door that closes a mezzanine extending over the entire length of the attic.After the second coating varnish Yachting there will be screwed latches and the handle.

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