Christmas Story, or How to meet Gameday holidays

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02 May 2016

planning an interesting Christmas vacation, Viktosha not accidentally chose Yaroslavl: This fabulous white city is not only a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at home, but also a rich history - in 2010, the city celebrated its millennialanniversary.

Located on the picturesque banks of the Volga and Kotorosl River, part of the Golden Ring of Russia, he beckoned to him not only because it found "Lay", there lived and worked Nekrasov, was born and lives ValentineTereshkova, and modern attractions, interesting to rebyatni.The presence of the planetarium, children's railway and dolphinarium was important for the group of people who went on a trip with her children celebrate Christmas, relax and learn a lot.

To travel to Yaroslavl ordered a tourist bus for a day, back bought tickets for the "Express".Comfortable room in the hotel, located in a historic building in 1900, booked immediately without prepayment.The two-day travel program was intense: a sightseeing tour of the city gave

way to an interactive program for children in the memorial of Yaroslavl, and then followed a visit to the town of ice sculptures on Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen" Christmas dinner in the restaurant, go to a museum "Music and Time", zoodeer and horse.

bus to the south of Moscow at 7.40, and at 12 he was already in Yaroslavl.Not a short way to brighten up the beautiful scenery and the expectation of a new and unusual.City travelers met with huge icicles that hung from the rooftops, and trodden stitches on the sidewalks.Each house seemed fantastic tower - elegant, unique, ancient.It turned out that there is protective of the story.For example, current street names and invariably accompanied by the same, even if there were a few.

surprising discovery was a tram-snowthrower and the local people, different mental and northern accent.Special road signs warning people about the possible troubles, even such as "surprises" from the sky in the form of bird excrement.

Everywhere - clean and well-groomed yards and porches, numerous churches, temples and mansions, monuments, admire the play of colors, a sense of proportion and a harmonious combination of old and new.

symbol of the city - a bear, once crushed by Yaroslav the Wise, also met everywhere.Local landmark and a living bear was Masha, who lives in the reserve for about 20 years.

interesting finding became public toilets, originally furnished and decorated - funny shirts, stuffed animals and other decorating finds.That there is only one urinal at the level of human growth with the caption "For those who are on a horse!"As it turned out, November 19 is celebrated in a big way here is one of the most original holiday - the World Day of the toilet.In Yaroslavl, the first year the employees of restaurants, cafes and museums are paying attention to this topic.

thrill Be the first private museum of John Mostoslavskogo.The owner of the museum, and in parallel - a magician, artist and hypnotist, collected his rare collection of antiques from childhood: at age nine bells began to cut in domestic animals, for which he was even expelled from the pioneers.Over time, the collection has replenished hours, including - from the workshops of Becker, Moser, Bure, musical instruments, icons, kaslinskim casting, porcelain miniatures, irons and samovars.All exhibits - in working condition.A music library of the museum has only 15 thousand records, among them - a complete collection of speeches of Lenin and Stalin, recording Chaliapin, Caruso, Vertinsky.

Ends Tour in the room, littered with old plates, cast-iron iron and other things.The guests were familiarized with the rite homutaniya and under the cheerful ringing of bells hanging from the ceiling, bells and kolokolisch offered to make a wish.Viktosha with other travelers leaving the city, hoping for their execution: how can you expect from each city who is familiar with the legends and miracles?

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