Make a box for seedlings

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16 May 2016

Today we are masters of convenient and beautiful box for seedlings

this big flower bed, box of seedlings with soil and fertilizer, can be built in any sunny area of ​​your site.The frame can be made of any wood species.It will look good box of cedar or pine boards.

First of all, you need to determine the size of the box.It must be at least 30 cm. Tall, and you must move to reach its center.If you want to have a box of larger size, it is better to make a few passes between them.Since the board will be partly in the ground, you need to take action, so they do not rot away.To do this, pour them under a layer of gravel thickness of 5 cm. For drainage.Gravel need to pour on the bottom of the box.

The hardest part of the job - site preparation for the box and accurate putting some of the first row of boards.After you successfully cope with this step, you will be a simple mechanical work on the assembly box.


  • Bruce 6X6.Each side of the box is made of three rows of timbe
    r total height of about
  • 0 cm. So, take 12 boards.
  • 2X8 boards to the top of the box.
  • Fittings 1.3 cm. Length of 45-60 cm. To fix the bottom row of the fence.
  • tapping screw length of 25 cm., For binding the parties.
  • construction adhesive to attach the top of "framework" to the walls.
  • pea gravel under the walls and base of the box - for drainage.
  • vegetable soil / fertilizer.
  • screw length of 7.5 cm. For fixing the upper boards.

you need the following tools: circular saw, hand saw, shovel, shovel, hoe, Area, the level of 1.22 m., A drill /screwdriver, hammer, with an extended half-inch spade bit, hammer (to score fittings).


Schedule outlines the box
boards in the corners of the box will be connected "in the end."Therefore, to determine the length of the boards subtract 14 cm. Length of each side.Prepare 12 boards and using a circular hand saw.

Dig a trench wall
shovel remove peat within the box.Shovel, dig a trench 15 cm. Deep at the outer border of the box.Fill in the trench 5 cm. Layer of gravel.
Council.Filmed peat carefully set aside and use it later to design the finished beds.

Install the first row of boards
Drill holes in the boards every 61 cm. Place the board in the trench so that the guide holes are vertical.Orient them so that one end of the board rested on the other side of the "clockwise."
The spirit level and align the corner of the frame, podsypaya or removing gravel.Place a level on the board, the position of the top frame on the diagonal, and again look exactly whether the frame is placed.

Secure the base with the help of fittings
Hammer hammer pins into the drilled hole so that they are left in the ground for at least 30 cm. Use a level and cornercontrol frame is correctly positioned.
Council.To get the right length studs first sawed them, and then bend until they break.

Collect wall box
Lay the next row of boards, but it counterclockwise.Tighten the screws into the board two pieces at each corner and one in the center of the screw.

Drill drainage holes
With chisel head drills make drainage holes in the planks every 1.22 m. Drill from the outside into the holes turned out neat, and a little at an angle to facilitate the water flow out.
Place the third row of planks in a clockwise direction and tighten the screws in the same way as you did with the second row.

Council.Insert the copper tube drainage holes, to protect the wood and facilitate the flow of water.

Lay the upper board
Put the board on top of 2x8 frame so that the inside edge of the frame to form with a flat wall boards.Apply a layout and a circular saw saw off the ends of the boards at an angle of 45 degrees.Lay the boards again - their outer edges should extend beyond the box by about 5 cm. As a result, you should get a nice frame.Apply the adhesive on the board frame and a frame at the connection, as well as on the boards of a frame corner joints.Screws to secure the top of the board - every 30-40 cm. Drill pilot holes at the junction of the boards frame and secure them with screws.

Fill box
Sprinkle the bottom layer of gravel box 7.5 cm., And flatten it.Place on top of topsoil and gently primnogo.Fill the box up to the end, leaving 5-7 cm. From the top.Level the ground - and the seedlings can be planted!