Turning wood

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02 May 2016

Craftsmen using a lathe manufactured a variety of products: kitchenware, spinning wheel, toys, furniture items, decorative items for the interior.The lathe allows the master to create the most intricate and exquisite wood form.The main condition of success, in addition to the skillful hands, a high-quality tool, as well as solid wood and without flaws.


Special equipment for turning wood is not cheap.To train this case will fit and regular head to the drill.What is not worth saving, so it's on a chisel: cheap and poor quality usually after the first experiments with solid wood tupyatsya and not cut and tear the wood.

Rezchitsky tool should be as long as possible to stay sharp!

that the product was finely processed, it must be properly secured to the machine.For this purpose lathes are special devices of various shapes and sizes.

The more different lathe tools, the easier and more accurate to work on it.

roughing tree carried at low speed, operate at higher finishing and polis


For those versed in electricity, forum users are advised to use a continuously variable speed variator.It is convenient that the speed can be varied from maximum to minimum on the go and not throwing belts.


well-regarded tools in stainless steel.They are expensive, but will last longer than conventional chisels.To save money, you can buy individual cutters and handle them.The standard length of the handle - about 25 cm, but can be used long - 30 and 40 cm. It is believed that this tool is easier to handle direct.

For turning rezchitskih use these types of tools:

  • semicircular chisel suitable for rough machining, it can help give a cylindrical workpiece;
  • semicircular narrow and fusiform chisels thin grooves cut across the grain;
  • bit can be oval or rectangular profile cut and sharpening different angles: they carried wood finishing;
  • cutters, and wedge-acute form is used when you need to make small holes in the workpiece.They also separate the finished part from the edge of the workpiece.Flat cutter to perform a wide incision parallel to the vertical axis of the workpiece;
  • experienced craftsmen also have a set of scrapers with different cutting edge: pointed, straight, curved or multi-purpose scraper with replaceable nozzles for cutting.

blanks for turning

For turning not use soft laminated wood because it will split into layers, and a smooth surface is obtained.

Soft considered conifers.

Most hardwood suitable for processing lathe.Homogeneous light color timber different birch, beech, maple and ash.For walnut, mahogany and teak characteristic dark wood.An attractive texture are cherry, plum, elm and oak.

Use only dry wood without knots.The blanks are made from scraps of direct trunks and branches, or square bars, pre ostrogannoj them under the octagon.

Master class from dgusepe

First of all, according to forumchanin, you need to take care of safety.Clothing button, to avoid being captured and spun the machine, be sure to wear protective goggles or a mask.

then carefully grind cutters and you can start.Start with simpler products, such as tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes.Mark the center of the ends of the workpiece.Then clamp it between the front and rear pastern.Adjust podruchnik at a distance of 5 mm from the workpiece.Hand crank billet.Check that, turning, she does not hit the podruchnik.

Turn on the machine and workpiece-through strip it with a chisel.Presses the hand tool to podruchnik and smoothly moves from right to left.Mark the bore.Small semi-circular cutter choose two recesses.Between recesses waved.

Notice capture tool.It is very important!

first cutter can jump back, but gradually you will adjust.For flat chisel capture must be the same.Sharpen the most "promenade".The cutter turns in his hand and wears away to the right and left sides.

When trimming cutter upside.When sharpen pen, the sequence would be: "toed" cut through, and the "heel" pruning.

Separate from the edge of the workpiece, sand the sandpaper.Especially grinding is not required, because in this method of turning a smooth surface is obtained.

At the end of the wire burn strips.

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