Playground structure: interesting ideas

By Admin | The Hands
01 May 2016

buying a cottage, we strive not only to buy land for recreation outside the city, but also a place where one could stay with his family.That is why many immediately taken for the construction of playgrounds, even before he could build a house.

gift from his grandfather

Member Forum levap bought a cottage with several outbuildings.The most important advantage of buying consisted largest area: on a flat, landscaped land area of ​​25 acres was a nice garden with fruit-bearing pear and apple trees and a variety of shrubs.

Any host redo everything to your taste, that's levap engaged in restructuring and reshuffling.For the need to transform levap forgot about her three grandchildren: that's where the kiddies will savorTherefore, completing cases requiring urgent intervention, immediately began to build a complex game with different climbing frame, staircases, sandpit and slide.

the Internet found a suitable sketch, and decided to make it a life of its own, is deeply convinced that he had done with

his own hands the thing has a positive "aura".Bought piles and woodworking, have prepared timber, and then started to translate the project into reality.Hill, the laid water-resistant Finnish plywood, cost about 30 thousand rubles.All the work took about a month.

Fast and budgetary

Playground structure in the country have started to toksip sandbox, which is made of edging for flowerbeds.This was followed by a swing-balancer.Oksana tried to hurry to please kids a new fun and not much to spend, and so did the fact that it was at hand.

to swing using an old batten thickness of 40 cm, width - 15 cm, length - 2.20 m. To attach several clips for fastening pipes (water, with a diameter of 35), on seats donated donated owner on March 8 cutting board.On handrails metal-cutting went left after mounting the aqueduct.Yet it took a couple of stumps and every little thing.

were made after log-rocker, sandpit, basketball hoop and a children's house.Sandbox-ladder used logs of different lengths, brought from the forest, and scrap "cylindering" from the neighboring building.For basketball hoop welded pin with a ring, fashioned basket of shopping bags.However, construction did not withstand the loads of children (girls love to hang on him as on the bar), and is exhausted.I had to buy the factory for 250 rubles., Which is attached to standing on the lawn of the iron pillar, remaining on the porch of the barn.

Over the next project - a children's house - the war broke out: in construction grandfather wanted to participate.And if Oksana focused on functionality (like make house 2x1.5 m), grandfather - to the "beauty" - triangular windows, roof with ridge, etc.Reluctantly, the hostess gave way and discreetly watched as bought it stands at 2 meters with a margin is gradually shortened.

When the skeleton was almost ready, my grandfather had to leave.Oksana realized that she was lucky, and quickly took up the construction site: with his mother sheathed walls and gables.He returned grandfather and endorsed their efforts, and then boil teamwork.

As a result, the area of ​​the house was 1,3h1,7 m, height inside - 1.5m.Construction trimmed cheap clapboard front wall assembled from the remnants of "imitation".Windows - b / y, the door - "carpenter", the floor was covered with the remains of the material from the main house.The rafters of the roof were made of plank, lath - from stocks.Pier foundation made of concrete blocks neighbor, went on furniture Furniture shelves.The total costs amounted to about four thousand.

to swing "Duet" used bike back, trimming the floorboard and a metal bracket, the old cable from the well.To purchase only large diameter hooks to put them on tap trubu- crossmember support facilities.Boards additionally sealed areas and pieces of iron from the back.Rounded edges to protect children from abrasions.Cable did not cut, Oksana ran it through the tube back and secure at the bottom, putting the front trim plastic pipes, make it easier to hold.All metal parts are painted with spray enamel plates decorated by the technique of decoupage.

Children's Town

Fastbusy built a complex game for my daughter (2.5 years) and her friends.The basis has been used steel welded frame 1,5h3 meters.Grid-hole made of rope length of 30 m and a cross section of 14 mm by pulling it to the metal frame.

synthetic rope should be used, which is slightly stretched.Knit it better wet when dry, slightly tension occurs.The mesh size is less to do the baby's head.Units need to knit on one side.

for ladders used spade handles, hanging on the same rope.Under the adapted wooden swing harnesses hanging on a chain.Skipping rope is a wooden platform suspended on spring-loaded chains with one degree of freedom.For wire rope rope we have a large cross section and hung it to swivel blindfolded nodes.For spring-loaded floor to prepare the site: 3h5sm scored from a bar and connected metal cable.Between bars strung pieces of composition pipe.

tries happiness

When it became clear that the plastic house is about to collapse under the onslaught of chetyrehgodovalogo old son, Squirrel and her husband decided to buy a "real" home.As expected, a future owner first learned about his preferences.Preferences have forced parents to consider: the child did not just want a cozy hiding place, and the whole ship!

Toddler trying to convince, but the customer was relentless.While mom tried oblagorazumit child, dad wasted no time to lose - leafing through catalogs with playground and whistles only by their prices.When the parents saw another picture of the ship cost in their own home, they decided to - we must build itself.Buying stuff is not wanted, but then the kids themselves came upon a solution: they have got to play on stairs and wood left over from construction.Of these, and raised body "ship" (but not simple, but a pirate!), And after him came and barges carrying sand.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"