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15 May 2016

These plants were grown in a nutrient solution, using water mixed with the dissolved nutrients like soil for plant growth.This innovation can give you a good result for the amount of drag the crop.

Most people believe that hydroponics is a difficult task, but it is a false assumption, all pretty simple.There is not much difference between the conventional methods of gardening and landscaping using hydroponics.Both methods of gardening need water, light, moisture and nutrients.

main difference between conventional horticulture and hydroponics is that does not need a hydroponic soil.

Many people think that hydroponics is an artificial method of growing plants.This is not true, this method is as natural as growing plants on soil.

Plants grown using hydroponics, grow well indoors and outdoors.

Common garden plants also react positively to hydroponics and bring great results.

advantages of hydroponics gardening:

This method is very useful in places where you can not find a fertile ground for norm

al plant growth.

crops of high quality.

Hydroponics does not require a lot of work - digging, weeding, fertilizer and it is neat and clean process of growing plants.

Plants can not be diseases that are transmitted from the soil.

majority believes that hydroponics requires a lot of water, but compared with traditional farming methods, it requires less water.