Children's Playground: from project to realization

By Admin | The Hands
01 May 2016

As planned, a playground was to include, in addition to traditional sandbox, swings, slides and various lazalok Accessories "for growth" - the rope and the horizontal bar.

Artem37 winter, built in 3D Max an approximate model of the complex, calculate materials and purchased two cubes planks.In May, as soon as the ground thawed, forumchanin drilled hole depth of 80 cm and put them in a pre-welded reinforcing frame.Then the wells were installed on squares of 20x20 cm, hammered together from boards.Formwork lined Artem37 level and filled with concrete.In yet uncured solution forumchanin drowned welded blanks flush with the top edge of the formwork.They were made in the form of a mushroom valve diameter of 10 mm and a length of 30-40 cm. On top was installed metal plate thickness of 5 mm square 20x20 cm.

waited a week, Artem37 started the construction of the complex.Finished sill beams of 10x10.Sobral square gash that connection was joint to joint, put in the foundation Drill.To do this, I use a dr

ill diameter of 10 mm.To spread a sealing two layers of roofing material.Bottom rail installed on the studs, and then tightened the nuts.Racks made of timber 10x10, securing it with the corners.

During construction forumchanin decided to move the ladder inside the complex - security.Ladder Artem37 decided to finish last, but for now leave it without steps, the baby did not climbed to the upper level, there is not installed fence.

Members Active gathered ramp slides after removing the planks with a chamfer.Scat polished and varnished three layers.This gave each coat to dry for a day, the next day sanded with fine sandpaper and rub with a cloth, and then applying the next coat of varnish.Thus ramp treated for four days.Area landing a hill was transformed: wood was harsh for the child.

Artem37 considers plastic prettier and practical material, but such a facility would cost more.If you buy a plastic ramp, pay attention to its capacity.

later was assembled staircase, installed on the upper tier railing completed yet the floor on the first floor and installed bearing beams "climbing wall".The final element of the complex became a vertical ladder.

Finally playground was decked out in a different color of paint for wooden facades based on linseed oil with the addition of caramel.Eventually Artem37 plans to add sports and educational shells: a rope net, horizontal bar, fire pole with "Mars".

Materials and expenses

principal amount (12 thousand) was spent on the TEC, it took a little more than 2 cubes:

  • 10h10h600 timber - about 8 pieces;
  • 50h150h600 board.

also been used woodworking machine (circular saw and jointer), by which Artem37 dissolved the board to the required size (for fencing on the second floor, and so on. D.).

were bought a bag of cement for the foundation, canister wood preservative, two cans of paint, the same - Yachting paint (on a hill), Kohler, fasteners, screws, straps, rope, two shovel handles.
whole area cost about 17-18 thousand rubles .

Tips device children's playgrounds from fastbusy

  1. ladders playground should be the most complex, with transitions: the more difficult it will be a child to use them, the more interesting for him and good for his development.Consider all the elements - their scale, complexity - several years ahead.
  2. From experience forumchanin mesh for climbing and swing - the most popular elements of the complex for children of all ages.
  3. From the second floor of the complex make a good fire pole on which a child could quickly come down.
  4. When building playgrounds, as far as possible, do all of the elements in duplicate or so that one element at a time could use the two children rebyatnya loves to compete and do everything together.
  5. During the operation of the complex and drying boards regularly inspect all items, especially - the ramp.Boards may crack from dryness, which is fraught with splinters in the child.For this purpose, it is recommended to build a complex of hardwood, pine is not suitable.

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