Beautiful lamp with his hands

By Admin | The Hands
01 May 2016

It just so happened that the one God is richly rewarded imaginative and bold imagination.From such people turn creative artists and designers, talented inventors and brave explorers.Other bestowed savvy and skillful hands that even from unnecessary things can create real masterpieces.Only a lucky few have both the first and the second gift.

But it does not matter if interesting ideas swarming in your head, but you do not know how to implement them, you can always find an expert who will do it.And, contrary to the masters with golden hands, there are many sources for inspiration.For example - the glossy magazines with beautiful pictures or websites - the news from the world of design and offering ready-made products.

It did just that forum member moning: he could not find a suitable ceiling lighting for your home, but leafing through the theme Mazayka suddenly saw what you need.The problem was only in the fact that these products were found in online stores through which it was necessary to make the or

der, and cost a lot.However, in skilled hands it - is not a problem, especially since the street - frost, but because you can try to perform a miracle in just a few free evenings.

miracle needed for any preliminary estimates, at least approximate dimensions and, of course, drawing.To all facets, angles and dimensions match each other, the lamp has been drawn in the program Google SketchUp.According to this figure, moning made a paper model.

To make it easier to comply with the angles and dimensions, the paper used in the cell, and then cut out the patterns and made him the marks on the paper.It turned out eight pieces of all three facets.They are glued together, paper model tried on the ceiling and making sure everything is done correctly, set to present the product.

glasses were taken "for pleasure" in the shop window at the carvers: waste forumchanin chose three kinds of glass.They, on the ready-made templates, markup has been made with a marker.

moning then decided to becloud glass, t. E. To make them opaque.It has been tested a lot of choices: between glass sand scattered, tried floating sandpaper.As a result, the easiest and fastest way to offer sander.To avoid accidentally cut yourself on the emery wheel jammed under the master templates corners and edges of the glass.

It's time to think about how to make the verge of glasses.As the brass could not find the desired thickness, moning took two containers of paint.Paint burned a hairdryer and then scraped with a spatula and began ogranovkoy.Using a knife, along the line raschertil, pressing, line spacing of 4 mm.

necessary to put a non-rigid plank under the sheet to make it easier to push the stuff!

plate bent around a glass.

soldered on the inside.The faces covered with gold paint.

Cone tips were taken from an old chandelier.Here's what happened as a result:

housing for fixing the glass you can buy or borrow from an old lamp.The owner decided to also do their own, made of wood.I had to smash his head on the form, and yet the end of the rack was painted.Naturally, under such a wavy kalevkami it was necessary to make the cutter of the tool steel.A little work on woodworking machines and now is ready to rake:

To cut it symmetrically to the desired angle, moning again appealed to the leaflets in the cage.

But the result of all the work:

incandescent lamps is not recommended to be placed in sealed ceiling.For this lamp is better to take fluorescent or LED bulbs, for example, with E27 base.Also, between the tree body and desirable to make the edges of the gap of 5 mm to cool.

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