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15 May 2016
One party forum "Home and Cottage" Vadimych the opportunity to lease adjacent to the court at the construction site of the former garden.In connection with this, he had to pick up new approaches to the organization of their own labor for the cultivation of radish.

Choice marker and its manufacturing

Available options drills for radishes were not effective in comparison with the marker made, the construction of which he spied a friend's gardener.
working part of the marker is a 50 mm bar length of 75 cm (width of the beds).On it reinforced teeth of the bar 20 - 25 mm in length in a cone shape.Handle with angle brace and he picked up growth.

This design Vadimych stopped because:

  • sowing is carried out in greenhouses and open field.Because of the ever-changing light and temperature conditions necessary to do different inter-row distance.Single row marker proved to be the most practical.
  • sow parties accounted for alternately maturation and implementation of radish.Podgadat necessary moisture la
    nd is often very difficult.With this form of the teeth is possible to crop virtually dry land.Not many construction markers is capable of.
  • marker formed at the wells with large inlets in which without difficulty can be carried out sowing.
sowing of

Before working Vadimych marker marks the beds via rail, which hammered nails shallow.Distance honey makes them equal to the value of the necessary rows.Samu rail attaches to the rake for convenience.

then passes a marker for marking.Sometimes he has to work a little to press its part of the leg between the handle and the spacer.After planting hole to sleep with the same rake, a little leveling beds.

After the sowing of the next area he pours it with water using a spray.To make it easier to "catch" seedlings, planted beds film covers the defined ridges.After the appearance of mass shoots film shoots.


planting distance between plants in a row is always constant.It is equal to 5 cm on the token device.But the distance between the rows of radish should be selected.When sowing a winter greenhouse in early January to just melt away the top soil layer made of 16-17 cm. And that's for shade-tolerant varieties Sammered, Spotlights.For people like Ilka, heat and other had to increase them up to 22-23 cm. This is because the leaf apparatus plant under the film he always is considerably higher than in the open field.

According Vadimych so obtained, due to the fact that the balance is not observed light and heat in the greenhouse.This is because it is extremely difficult in a home-made facilities to maintain the necessary microclimate.

still need to accelerate the heating of the main body of land for transplanting the main heat-loving crops.But all the costs should always try to benefit.

One of the most troubled places in the growing radishes - a weeding, especially on large areas.And since aisles are large enough, it is possible to weed out a simple ripper drills.This operation produces it in several steps starting from step cotyledons culture.

example, the sector of planting area of ​​2.8 hundreds prevailed without a smoke break about an hour.The first, second beds is generally slow hand gets used.And then the work is speeding up.Ripper affects a significant part of the grass.

Watering and fertilizing

most important thing is that when the agitator is adjusted as if all the irregularities of beds in rows.And after two or three shoots loosening all goes to the same amount of moisture.

Watering he holds sprayer with small holes and a flat working part.So not damaged shoots, and more specifically the water is distributed over a bed, not getting on the trails.

Finding and moving the hose he is not worried.Sprouts from damaged hoses protect the arc (this is the second benefit of arcs).The greenhouse is not high, and in hot climates are the coolest place for ripening fruit.

As set its size radish fertilized with a solution of NPK at the rate of 2 g / l and use the spray with a little hole, but always with a plane (not with hemispherical) working part.Just when typing root crop size requires more moisture and it spent much less time on the watering.

collection and preparation for implementation

collection radish Vadimych holds first two - three times selectively, and then everything.When collecting find it convenient to dial the party root vegetables for putting him on the path and then tear the next.

At the end of the harvest from the collection of paths quickly placed in plastic boxes and poured into the trough of clean water.After 10-15 minutes, you can move a little weight of plants in water, the earth is washed and re-applied pure radish in boxes and the water drains from it, but at this time there is a milking cow.

After that radish shifted into bags and early in the morning with milk sold in the market.The experience with this approach to the collection and preparation spent the least time in the spring each hour roads.


Just like onion, radish is one of the components of a full rotation.Greenhouses, he served in the sunny winter days when much more free time.Implementation radish turns from March to May.

course, continuous conveyor him does not happen but with the daily milk sales by c / s market is a very serious increase in their family budget.And this is the first, very necessary in the spring of funding available.

greenhouses, open ground are beginning to generate income from the earliest pores.After all, not everyone can get a loan and it is one of the many exits from difficult situations.

Vadimych hopes that the owners of small farms will change your perspective on your kitchen garden economy, look at it from the side to pick up other profitable ways to solve specific problems.


Not all s / s markets at an affordable range.But, after all, can be covered by greenhouses in autumn, when properly selected and the amount of ventilation film shelters can save their crop of late cabbage until March, when to implement it, and it is easier and more revenue.

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