Pearl of the summer garden

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15 May 2016
Buddleja is considered one of the most beautiful garden plants, also very unpretentious.

already in the designation of the best varieties buddlei provides recognition of the special place of this plant in the garden of "Black Knight" (The Black Knight), "Purple Prinze" (Purple Prince).Deservedly so!Flowering bush buddlei David (Buddleja davidii) - it really is a genuine aristocrat in the garden community.

But beyond beauty plant has also many other qualities that make it almost perfect for the gardener.Buddleja is growing rapidly, but in practice does not exceed a height of three meters, the flowering period from July buddlei
until late autumn, and completely unpretentious.Bush feels fine, even in the heat and in the most dry sandy soils.The only condition - an open sunny place.

The plant was discovered in the middle of the XVIII century in China and received its name in honor of the English botanist Adam Buddle.Around 1920 there were the first form of selection.Today in Europe there are more than
30 varieties
buddlei most diverse colors from white through all shades of pink to purple.

German experts tested 21 grade buddlei primarily against frost and quality flowers.All grades received positive evaluation, but the highest score awarded rozovotsvetny grade "Pink Delight".

In cold climates frost some varieties buddlei poor.From low temperatures suffer primarily annual shoots of bushes, the top of which is strongly frosted.Young bushes should be warm in the winter.On poor soils shrubs buddlei suffer less from cold because they are the wood matures better.

Buddleja usually planted near flowering shrubs in the summer, too, such as ceanothus (tseanotus) and a rose.And of herbaceous perennials in the company to choose her lupins, evening primrose oil and yarrow, that is kind of similar to Buddleja for demanding to the soil.