Scourge of beads

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30 April 2016

Flowers from beads - are real works of art that echo the structure and color of these plants.Songs made with their own hands - a good gift to friends and family, the main advantage of which - exclusivity.

Many women love pelargonium, which is also called geraniums or "up" - for the delicate leaves, lush colorful flowers, umbrellas, which are almost all year adorn the branches, filling the room with fragrant scent of a rose, lemon balm, lemon, pine needles and other.Nyura5 proposes to make no less beautiful flower, placing it in its original pot.


  • beads for flowers - 30 g burgundy transparent, 20 g of red matte, 20 g of red translucent and 2 g of yellow stamens for brilliant;
  • beads for leaves - 55 g of light green, 70 g of a mixture of matte and translucent green and dark green, 10 g of dark purple;

  • pliers, small pliers, stationery knife and wooden board (to remove the insulation from the wire);
  • wire: copper thin 0.2 mm for flowers and leaves, 0.4-0.5 mm thick copper for the lea
    ves, stalks and stems, thick aluminum or steel for the central stem;
  • acrylic colors of green, yellow, white;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • tubules from newspapers;
  • tin (for example, from the pineapple);
  • mixture of sand brown and black;
  • geranium leaf sample.


on a thin wire 30 cm long nanizhite beads in the following order: 2 transparent purple, 1 red, satin, translucent 2 red, 1 red and 2 matte transparent purple.Pass the end of the wire in the first bead (purple), make a loop.Again nanizhite beads, as described above, and take a second loop.

Repeat the above steps until you do not get 5 loops.It is a flower.Nanizhite 2-3 glittering beads and holding a finger on the front of a flower print on the wrong side of the wire.Double twist the wire ends together.Nanizhite 3 green beads and twist hinges 4-5.You will receive a flower on a thin stalk.Screw the wire of 0.5 mm and color pedicel light green paint.


Take the first type of flower buds.On a thin wire length 10-15 cm nanizhite beads 2 pieces of light green, dark green one, 2-3 red.Take the exit loop and twist the ends.The second type of buds do so: the wire length 10-15 cm 2 nanizhite light green beads, 2 dark green and the same - light green, twist the loop.

third type buds take on a wire length of 20 cm: nanizhite mixed for 5 pieces light and dark green beads, twist in the loop.We need 4-5 such loops and a loop of red beads 6-7.Make 10-15 pieces of each type of flower buds.


Circle leaf geranium, type in the thin wire of 0.2 mm six beads light green, roll into a ring, twist the ends together - will petiole.Each bead thread the thin wire 15 cm long and bend in half.For the leaf veins on each twin wire (excluding wire petiole) put 2-3 light green beads on the ends do loops.

tightened the petioles thin wire length of 1.2 m and a string on her light green beads (25-30 pieces).At the end make a loop and weave the ring clockwise twisting the wire for each vein.
When you get to the stem, turn in the opposite direction and type beads of 25-30 cm, mixing green and dark green (at the end again made the loop).Braid one row and anti clockwise each time twisting of leaf vein.

wire beads do not engage the petiole - petiole should be free (at the finish of the stem and secured in the previous row).

Wire leave and take another - 0.5-0.4 mm, attach the petiole and nanizhite 25-30 pieces of dark purple beads.Every vein screw for a thick wire, ending in the stem to weave.Screw the thick end of the wire to the petiole.

left on the wire again nanizhite 50 cm a mixture of green beads and weave two rows of clockwise and counterclockwise.Veins of the twin wire should be divided - it will no longer 6, and 12 veins.When weaving for each one twist yarn with beads.After two rows again, leave the wire.

tightened the petiole 0.4-0.5 mm thick wire, nanizhite 30 cm light green beads and bend the wire in the drawing together with beads, not forgetting to twist through her veins sheet.When finished shape the frame, screw on the end of a thick wire to the petiole.

Quit thin wire screw in the last row, nanizhite 30 cm light green beads and braid, repeating all bends thick wire.Because of the stem to the first vein far fasten the wire to the previous row in the place to sag.In the last row hide the ends of the veins.Twist the wire around the vein with beads and pearls to put two wires, the long ends of the veins cut.

To do different leaves, use various additives.For example, weave two rows of dark purple beads, put on the veins between the rows 1-2 beads - leaf get more and fishnet.Weave more rows from a mixture of beads, slightly change the shape of a leaf.On the need to weave bush 11 large leaves.

addition to large sheets, you must weave 10 small.Take the wire 0.4-0.5 mm in length 40 cm, type 5 pieces of light green beads, roll in the ring, put on another 6 beads and twist the ring in the middle of the previous row.Take another 6 pieces again hook for the previous series in the petiole.

Screw thin wire nanizhite 6-7 pieces of light green beads and form a wavy leaf, while tighten the wire in the previous series.Weave different leaves, increasing the number of rows or playing with color.


Dry flower stalk, then collect umbellate inflorescences.In an inflorescence of 10-35 flowers fold, for example, 10, 16, 20, 25, 35 flowers and buds of the inflorescence 2 to 15 pieces.Thin wire under the flowers take the belt and tighten.From under the belt lift on two tail and twist together.Bend, cut and make of them leaves in the inflorescence.

Likewise gather in inflorescence buds.Screw thick aluminum wire stems thicken, connect them to the stem and tighten the three leaves.Stalks, stems, petioles and leaf cover of papier-mache, let dry, then paint white and then green.Attach the roots to the trunk cover papier-mache, paint and dry.


on tin can apply a thin layer of liquid papier-mache, let dry.In the middle put a thick layer of the material.On a stick rolled-up newspaper strips, securing the ends of a winding, leave to dry.

To make mass resembling clay, toilet paper, leave in water for a few hours, and then carefully place.Liquid wring well (soak the cloth).Add PVA Mix (hands, blender, mixer, etc.) to an even consistency.

promazhte all over again with a thick layer of papier-mache.At the bottom of the banks put the gum for money for her newspaper insert the tube, attach a rubber band on top, too.Remember well the Bank hands to papier-mache stood out through the ducts.Put gum in the middle of the banks, remove the excess paper mache and let the barrel dry.

Eraser remove the pot, the top and bottom smear it with glue to glue the hoops of the newspaper tubes (wrap them around the pot and insert one end into the other).Barrel color acrylic paint, taking care not to paint over heavily newspaper drawing, leave to dry.Pot color acrylic varnish in a single layer, dry, color hoops acrylic paint.

then fasten bush Pelargonium in the pot.To do this, dilute plaster with water and pour into the barrel.Plug the branches and hold for 8-10 minutes, until the solution has solidified.

bottom of the barrel color green paint on the barrel, apply acrylic paint and let dry.Apply PVA on the "soil", sprinkle sand on top: You can painted, for children's paintings, or color common in black and brown.

Other colors, beautiful necklaces, exquisite butterflies, original bonsai masters and other products, refer to the theme of "Workshops on beading."

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