Feeding garden plants

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14 May 2016
General recommendations

two weeks before sowing or transplanting agricultural crops should be made a basic fertilizer, preferably locally, at a depth of 18 cm, in the form of NPK (NPK or diammofoska) of 400-800 kg / ha FV., the rate depends on the crop, the planned crop yield and availability of soil nutrients.

plant nutrition mineral fertilizers through the drip irrigation system is used both simple and complex water-soluble fertilizers with high, close to a full degree of solubility.

very important mineral fertilizers to carry around 1-1.5 hours before the end of irrigation, it will keep fertilizer nutrients in the root layer.

fertilizer for tomatoes

tomatoes Under the first 7 days in ammonium nitrate fertilizer is introduced at the rate of 2 kg / ha FVin a day.The next three weeks to 3 kg / ha FVammonium nitrate and 3 kg / ha FVday Kristalon (analogues: master akvarin).

Then, for three weeks, based on a single day, used ammonium nitrate to 4 kg / ha FV .;Kristalon to 2 kg / ha FV .;potassi
um nitrate to 3 kg / ha FV

Over the next three weeks, using 5 kg / ha FVammonium nitrate, 4 kg / ha FVpotassium nitrate, as well as the remainder of the requirements Kristalon - 1 kg / ha FVbased on one day.

Over the next two weeks, payable on 4 kg / ha FVper day of ammonium nitrate and 3 kg / ha FVper day of potassium nitrate.

use of mineral fertilizers in the future depends on the length of the growing season of tomatoes and is 2-3 kg / ha FVon the day of ammonium nitrate.

In order to prevent the apical rot, which is often observed on tomatoes 1-2 brush, improve transportability and increase the shelf life of agricultural products, it is desirable to introduce the basic processing of calcium chloride, can be superphosphate or gypsum.Preferably, for the same purpose, it is necessary to use calcium nitrate (synonyms: calcium nitrate, calcium nitrate).

Calcium plays a key role in the formation of cell walls and membranes, improves color and quality of the fruit, so it is especially important for growing crops.Calcium improves the keeping quality of products grown, thus contributing to the prevention of losses during storage and transport.

Fertilizers for onions

onion fertilizing fertilizers can begin after emergence.The first seven days of paid ammonium nitrate at the rate of 2 kg / ha FVa day, and then for two weeks - 3 kg / ha FVin a day.The next three weeks to 4 kg / ha FVammonium nitrate and 2 kg / ha FVday Kristalon (analogues: master akvarin).

Further, over the next three weeks, the remainder of ammonium nitrate used an average of 2.7 kg / ha FV, Kristalon -3 kg / ha FV .;potassium nitrate at -3.5 kg / ha FVper one day.

in the coming months are used: Kristalon in the first half of 3 kg / ha, and in the second -1.3 kg / ha FVper day and potassium nitrate to 3 kg / ha FVin a day.
use of fertilizers under the bow may be adjusted depending on the length of the growing season and varieties of plants.It should be remembered that for the bow with weak root system, is of great importance holding dressings.In the first half of the growing season nitrogen fertilization are carried out mostly, and the second - phosphorus-potassium, because the excess nitrogen in this period causes damage bulbs neck rot.

fertilize potatoes

Potatoes are fed during the first month of ammonium nitrate at the rate of 3 kg / ha FVper day and KRISTALON - 2.5 kg / ha FVin a day.

Over the next five weeks paid ammonium nitrate to 3 kg / ha FVper day and potassium nitrate to 3 kg / ha FVin a day.In the future, use the remainder of the needs of ammonium nitrate to 2 kg / ha FVpotassium nitrate and 2.5 kg / ha FVbased on one day.

Fertilizers for watermelons

When feeding watermelon first two weeks of use 3 kg / ha FVammonium nitrate and 2 kg / ha FVKristalon per one day.In the next two weeks to 5 kg / ha FVammonium nitrate, 1.5 kg / ha FVKristalon day.

further during the month used ammonium nitrate to 5 kg / ha FVand potassium nitrate at 1.7 kg / ha, f, c, based on one day.

In the next two - three weeks possible application of ammonium nitrate at 3-4 kg / ha FVin a day.

What should I look for when fertilizer dryland

saline soils and dry conditions contribute to the formation of high levels of cations, which leads to lower calcium absorption by plants.Therefore, in the Astrakhan region with a dry climate, high brightness and saline soils, special attention should be paid to ensure normal plant calcium.

Making a calcium nitrate should be in the amount of 100-200 kg / ha FVfor the entire season, preferably in the form of dressings, throughout the growing season, instead of periodically using ammonium nitrate.It is strictly prohibited in the dressing mix and simultaneously applied calcium nitrate and phosphate fertilizers (akvarin, Kristalon, Master and so on.).

phosphoric or nitric acid, is used to wash the drip irrigation system roughly three times: before landing, after the completion of the work and one for rinsing required during the growing season.To this end, 30 kg / ha FV(20 gallons) of phosphoric acid or 27 kg / ha FV(20 liters) nitric acid diluted 5 times with water and is passed together with water for 15-20 minutes, then rinsing with clean water continues for at least one hour.In preparing the working solution of acid is carefully added to water, 80 liters of water 20 liters of acid.

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