Stained glass window with his hands

By Admin | The Hands
30 April 2016

Pictures of colored glass, shining in the sun, or mysteriously shimmering in the dusk - an amazing spectacle.Stained glass can decorate windows or doors, ceilings, walls, and even the gates.Such decoration not only transforms the house, but also fills his amazing atmosphere.And who will impress blue, pink, purple or red "bunnies", slowly sneaking around the room on a sunny day?

There are several ways to create stained glass.The first requires specialized knowledge, skills and significant financial cost - is the welding of colored glass pieces together.The second involves the use of stained glass paints.And finally, the third, is available almost everything: color pattern on the window can be made using self-adhesive films.

did just that forum participants "Home and cottage" Doktoritsa.During the construction of a wooden house owners located between floors of a large window size 360h75 cm, consisting of three sections.It goes to a nearby station, and it makes the residents feel uncomfortable.To hide fr

om prying eyes, new posts and decided to make stained glass.

drew a sketch-artist friend.Doktoritsa break it into cells.Then, in a quick overview of the basic rules of the harmonious combination of colors, ran to buy a lead tape colors of gold and stained glass film.The latter sought not in coils and sheets.According to the masters, this is more expensive but also more durable.The main colors - light green and red.

husband did not immediately believed in the favorable outcome of ideas, so the window glass had to win.On the cell pattern with a sketch Doktoritsa transferred to Whatman full size.It turned out that a glass needed to make four flower.Since all materials are not cheap and of good quality, they are well glued.The work went quickly.

Before applying the pattern need to degrease the glass with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol or acetone.On the stained glass door glass paste film on top.It is advisable to do with an assistant, four hands.Paper-based and carefully disconnect the monitor so that no bubbles are formed.Note that the tear film adhered extremely difficult!

to stained lived longer, they should be placed inside the glass.Doktoritsa advises to learn working with stained-glass windows with small forms.While it will be clear how to stick the film to press the tape, etc.This does not tell even instructional videos.As the new posts mastered a new business on their own, not without mistakes.However, they are visible only owner.


for stained-glass windows needed:

  • self-adhesive film with a protective UV filter;
  • lead tape;
  • cutter;
  • rubber roller;
  • clamp.

All necessary has been spent 23 thousand rubles.It is much cheaper than to buy ready-made stained glass.

on materials forum participants "Home and Cottage"