Removal of trees, shrubs and vines from the area

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14 May 2016

Self cut down a large tree, or to cope with the vine, zapolzshey almost under the roof, is not easy.And besides - it is dangerous.This work is carried out at a height and requires special skills and equipment.Therefore, many cottagers have to turn to professionals.Arborists specialize in the removal of trees, shrubs and vines in cramped conditions.To avoid damaging the wire, fence, garden paths, any building or valuable plants located near the trees, we have to be careful.

planning the planting of trees and shrubs, think in advance how comfortable they will be removed when the need arises!

Arborist Alexei Smirnov advised not to plant trees in the vicinity of power lines or near the house under construction: the foundation may damage the roots and the plant dries.It is not necessary to put on a suburban section of tall trees, such as poplar, and plants with increased fragility - birch.In the suburbs, due to the bark beetle epidemic, and it is better not to grow trees.

Alex recommends planting

in the country low trees like dwarf pines or tui.Due to the root of a core system, which allows to extract water from the depths, these plants are less vulnerable to drought.

Technology sawing trees

There are several ways to remove the trees.The most common are:

  1. tree is removed entirely - the cheapest and easiest way.If enough space, the plant can be cut down from the ground.Sometimes the wood is removed from the sling: fixed on the top rope for which pull the plant, pre-sawed from falling.Then do the basic signature.Thus it is possible to achieve high accuracy falls.Supervise the installation site in a different way - using the "railing."So called rope which stretches between the trees in the path of the fall of the tree.It does not fall to the ground plant.
  2. If a tree is not the plants, buildings, etc.Remove used in parts: first arbarist cut away branches, then slowly - the trunk.In this case, a specialist working with an assistant, which controls the elements of the tree fall to the ground using a rope attached to them.Crowning with suspending branches - the most complex and expensive method.
  3. suspending removal from the barrel - like lowering the tree entirely with delays, but it requires less space than the first method.


For service trees (removal or treatment) using rope access equipment - cats, ladders, mustache lanyard ropes of different lengths, several different saws.Upstairs arbarist runs a small saw, sawing at the bottom of a heavy exercise.A special tool is required to cut the thick trunks upstairs.

before lifting specialist pre-inspecting the tree, assesses the situation and selects the removal technology.Only then did he climbs a tree, carefully consider insurance for the duration of the work and organizing safe lowering of the cut parts and lowering himself to the end.

Do not try to get rid of the tree alone - it can lead to injuries and accidents!

work with live trees

to reduce the likelihood of a risk of the tree, its optional file down completely.Sometimes it is enough to perform kronirovaniye - sanitary pruning.Well suffer a similar procedure willow, poplar, linden: next year the plant will start up new shoots.

order not to harm the tree, the upper section of the trunk makes an oblique.Then, the moisture gets inside the trunk and it will not cause rotting.

When climbing a tree that is not going to remove, Alex recommends the use of equipment without damaging the bark, for example - a loop.First the tree is fixed one loop, which is tied to the climber, then - the second.On her perestegivaetsya climber, and so - to the top.

important to know:

  1. tree growing through the roof of the house, arbarist can delete only if it does not rot, ieif it can be cut down to the hanging of the parts.
  2. Plants near electrical wires safer and cheaper to remove pre-qualified electrician and removing the wire.
  3. Before you remove a tree, you need to take permission in the local administration.The dryness will not have to pay.Crowning of living trees will cost 10-15 thousand.
  4. Do not wait until the tree will begin to fall off the branches.According to the dried plant climber climbing dangerous, and sometimes - even impossible.In this case, you have to invite other organizations and financial costs, respectively, will be more.