Apple tree dressed in purple (apple Lemoine)

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14 May 2016
When apple trees bloom, the garden becomes a gentle and wonderful.And imagine that the flowers of white and purple roses turned into a spectacle ... It is truly fantastic!The authors of the miraculous transformation of apple - French breeders.They brought a new variety and called it "Apple Lemoine» (malus Lemoine)

tree looks exotic, but the apple tree Lemoine hardy and undemanding.It grows up to 3-4 meters, forming a wide (up to 5-6 m in diameter) oval crown.Blossoms in May.If the weather is not hot, bloom can last up to two weeks or more.The flowers are bright purple-red, very abundant, covering the entire crown.Fruits are dark red, small (2-3 cm), numerous, edible but tasteless.

Apple Lemoine interesting not only purple flowers, but also the unusual burgundy leaves and young shoots, which in summer are green with a reddish tinge.

Wood gets a fantastic view at the stage of buds.In the beginning they ruby ​​red, then gradually brighten, blossoming.

apple tree in the garden Lemoine prefers open, s
unny places.It is undemanding to soil, but grow best in fertile, slightly acidic.It requires abundant watering.It has good winter hardiness.Often suffer from scab that does not affect the decoration, as spores on the background of dark unobtrusive fruit.

Looks great in any design projects: single and group plantings, hedges.

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Dig planting hole depth of 60 cm and a diameter of 1 m. Before boarding the bottom of the hole hammer durable (preferably metal) count such a height above the ground that he performed a half meters.The pit is filled with 3-4 buckets of fertile land, 60 g of superphosphate, 40 g of potassium sulfate, or a glass ash.On clay soils in the hole add a bucket of sand.The whole was stirred.

check the roots before planting apple trees.Remove to a healthy portion of the damaged, broken parts and dried roots.Planting better together.One takes a tree and straightened the roots, keeping him standing on the north side of the stake.Another hole asleep fertile soil, then gently compacts the soil, making sure that the root collar of seedlings (the place of transition in the trunk of the roots) was 4 cm above ground level.

landing watered 3-4 buckets of water and make sure that the root collar after shrinkage of the soil remained at or about 2 cm below ground level.Deeper its position would lead to the fact that the tree may die.Around the seedling at a distance of 50-70 cm from the trunk make short ground roll for easy watering.Seedling tied to a stake broad rubber band, making sure that it does not hit in the trunk.


Land under the apple tree must be free of weeds, zamulchirovat peat, straw, which should be periodically powder ashes.If the hole was made a sufficient amount of fertile land, tree 2-3 years can not fertilize.Apple does not like long drying of the soil, so watering should be regular.It is better to do a special irrigators for trees and shrubs (the system of pipes and hoses with holes, which are arranged under an apple tree and attached to the faucet).


growth purple apple can not ride.Otherwise, it may become one-sided, not lush.Crown shape so that the tree remains 4-6 tiers lateral branches arranged symmetrically on the trunk of 30 cm from each other.The first branch of the ground should be not less than 120 cm from the ground level.All the shoots that grow below this mark, cut.

Every spring podmerzshie removed, broken, crisscrossing branches.Take care to Crohn's apple was symmetrical and rounded.It is important.After you have planted ornamental tree in which everything should be fine: the buds and flowers, and the leaves and the shape of the crown.

Marina NOVOSELOVA Yuri Roscoe biologists.