Fertilizing and watering tomatoes

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14 May 2016

to fertilize the soil for many years Vadimych uses rotted manure.Every two years, he uses the manure as fertilizer.Manure fit into grooves along each of the beds to a depth of a bayonet.And then lightly ground to sleep.

planting seedlings at a distance along the groove with manure.During the early planting distance is equal to 35-40 cm. In a greenhouse is almost next to the manure.

By mid-May, when plants are emerging fruit and the sun shines well fall short of the roots of the grooves with manure.With experience, he realized that in addition to manure for cultivation of stable crops is necessary to apply a complex fertilizer.

And if this is not done because of unsystematic and uneven power plants violated many microbiological processes.Plants get sick and they can not be cured.Therefore fertilizing plants in the form of liquid or dry cleaned regularly near the root system on the other side of the groove in the manure.

With this plant nutrition calculation was based on the fact t
hat on the one hand a plant powered by manure, and on the other side of the fertilizer and as a result the average of the roots of the plant receives a balanced set of trace elements, that is, there is formed the optimal zone.

Through this approach, the plants do not get sick and constantly observed consistently high yields over many years.The large number of earthworms in the beds indicates rationality in the use of organic and mineral fertilizers.

However, it is not clear why every year on each bush one or two brushes "aborted."The answer to this question is not found Vadimych.


Early tomatoes in a greenhouse watered with warm water using polyethylene pipes in which there are small openings, of which the amount of water uniformly fed to the beds, depending on the time of year.

With this method of irrigation water consumed sparingly and in a greenhouse is not a large amount of condensate.As with feeding, fertilizers and irrigation at most of the roots are in the optimal zone soil moisture.
should be noted that in the summer of root system does not overheat because the bulk of the soil in the beds is in loose condition.

water in April and May, more cold and heat it for watering plants in the greenhouse big challenge but thanks to drip irrigation, which consumes 1 liter / hr.drip on this possible.With this irrigation water in the air heated by the greenhouse.

Some problems

Plants, planted at the walls of a greenhouse in the course of the sun need watering bowl than on the main square, so I had to solve this problem.

A close acquaintance with the possibilities of fertigation, it became clear that the proposed complex fertilizers, while introducing them into the soil only recommended, but in practice it all depends on the phase of plant development and, most importantly on the variety.Therefore, for the lack of knowledge on the subject, he refused them.

Despite these problems Vadimych using the established, time-tested approaches grow good crops.Even seemingly irregularities such as - a limited shelf life of crops and transportation over long distances with a small amount of crop - turn into a serious advantage.

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