Ornamental kale - the autumn-winter decoration flower beds

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14 May 2016

summer, against the background of floral wealth and colors, ornamental cabbage unobtrusive.Its high point comes with the arrival of autumn.It's time to transplant the plant from the time the beds behind the house on the "front door" place!With multi-colored leaves, hardy, it survives even in winter.And how it looks this wonderful flower in the middle of snow, with drops of ice on the tender "petals"!

How to care for ornamental cabbage, instead of bright garden ornaments has not grown lanky plant with flowers clumsy?


Decorative cabbage - annual and perennial species of vegetable sprouts.Brought from Western Europe.The plant is characterized by its original form and color.At the height of 60-70 cm. Currently sells a variety of hybrids and varieties of ornamental cabbage.They differ in color, height and shape: lacy, corrugated ("Osaka"), rounded ("Tokyo") and dissected ("Coral Queen") leaves from white and yellow to green, red and purple.Some of the varieties of the plant are edible.

borders is usually used for low and medium growth varieties with a compact rosette height of 35-50 cm. For example, such as "Haftol» (Halftall), «Gronnkal» (Gronnkal) or "Fribor» (Fribor).Tall varieties (50-70 cm) - "Kai and Gerda," "Lerhentsunge» (Lerchenzunge) suitable for hedges.The highest is considered cabbage palm (f. Palmiflora), which grows up to 2 m - with solid bare stem and oblong leaves spread wide above.

Sowing Seeds of ornamental cabbage sown in peat pots or small teplichke in late April - early May.Seedlings appear in about a week.To seedlings are not defeated, "blackleg" plants need moderate watering: land watered before and after planting and germination with only slightly sprayed.To seedlings was not lanky, it must be put in a bright, cool place.In the garden plants are planted in May, at a distance of 25-30 cm. The first time a couple of weeks fed with organic fertilizers.In dry weather, abundantly watered.

Forum member Svetik advises immediately after landing on a bed of cabbage pests process of broad-spectrum drugs.No new posts lusien2005 notes that the cabbage can be propagated spikes that appear on overwintered stalks.Summer Resident chop them and planted as seedlings.

Enata sows decorative cabbage in the street under the film after April 20.Seeds pre-soaked for 6 hours HUMATE weak solution of potassium permanganate.After May 10, drops off the plant with 2-3 true leaves a permanent place.First watering hole, sprinkles a handful of compost, watering again, it adds a bit of land, and then prick.Plants watered almost every day.All cabbage usually well acclimatized.When transplanting cabbage Summer Resident slightly pinch the tip of the root, and dipped in a solution of humate.After 3-4 weeks after planting Enata feeds liquid fertilizer plant complex.

How to care?

the Other cottagers can obtain a beautiful ornamental cabbage easily.No new posts Sunny says that she planted the seeds of the plant, due to the lack of space in the sun.Sown and forgotten: this time was building.What a surprise it was the hosts, when arriving to the country in January, they saw in the midst of a snow covered some delightful large "roses".The following year the plants, too, especially not followed, only slightly watered.And again, was amazing "harvest": the seeds sown themselves.Since ornamental cabbage pleases their masters seventh year.

Yet to plant a beautiful rose, forum recommend to adhere to these rules:

  • plant cabbages in a sunny place, although it can take root and in the penumbra.Land should be neutral, loose and moist.Ornamental kale feeling well in loamy, well-drained soils rich in humus.
  • plants need regular watering, the ground - loosen and fertilize.Transplant cabbage should be a big lump of earth, abundant watering.
  • To protect plants from pests, land around it is sprinkled with ashes.After the rain treated with superphosphate (10 liters of water diluted with 100 g of formulation).Spring sprouts cruciferous flea beetles can kill, so it is best to grow, hiding prisoners.Summer plant protection against caterpillars of butterflies and via any insecticide treatment.

Each of the decorative cabbage varieties need special care.To dwarf varieties are not stretched, it is better to put on a light spot.Provoke the growth of the plants may also clubroot disease.

ideas for home and garden

  • At the end of the summer will land undersized varieties of ornamental cabbage vacant flower border - it will adorn your garden until winter.
  • plant will look beautiful as a kind of frame for flower beds with perennials such as aster.
  • Tall varieties grow best in small groups near the garden buildings.
  • can plant a few plants in pots and wide to put them in the autumn become unsightly corners of the site.
  • Beautiful flowerbed happens if combined plants of different colors and heights.
  • autumn ornamental cabbage can be planted on a balcony, windowsill or in a winter garden.
  • Cut at high leg socket shape in bouquets - they stand for a few weeks.

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