Garden sculptures of concrete

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28 April 2016

Concrete sculptures have many advantages over products made from other materials.Concrete more plastic than natural stone, and therefore easier to work with him.These products are resistant to weathering, they can be left on the street, only periodically renewing the coating.Another plus - even a small figurine weighs a lot, and therefore can not be afraid for the safety of garden decoration, over which you have to work hard.

Technology of

first step towards creating a garden of sculptures made of concrete - work on a metal frame, which is then applied to the solution.To obtain a thick portion, a carcass wrapped fine mesh or wire.The second method of manufacturing figurines - forming, when a solution of the concrete is poured into special shapes, and after solidification the two halves are glued and sanded item.

Nutabena recommends filling the insides of different cloth to save cement.

If you do not have much experience with cement hardly ideal sculptures you get the first time.To the error c

ould be corrected, a concrete solution is added glue.Give the required color using the pigment added to the composition, or paint a ready-made figure.With the help of paint you can simulate other natural materials: granite, marble, wood, etc.Finally, in sculpture and applied antigraffitnoe anti-corrosion coating, which maintain the product unchanged for several decades.

Member Forum RUS_095 talks about a technology of concrete sculptures, works on which Ukrainian master Vladimir.The solution is made of cement and sand mixed in a ratio of 1: 2.The cement is applied to the metal frame, which is then cut off the excess.Products are painted ordinary facade paint.

From the simple - to complex

Galina Ara offers to try their hand at simple figures, for example, to make a mushroom.At 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle, cut the neck of "shoulders."Prepare a solution of 1 part cement, 3 - sand, water is added to the consistency of "cheese in the pack."Fill the bottle to the top, put to freeze.Then cut and remove the plastic - Stipe is ready.

hats made using metal or plastic bowls the right size: lubricate the inner surface of sunflower oil or grease, put to the solution up to the top and give a little cool.When the solution can be cut with a knife, make a small hole in the middle of the depth of 6-7 cm. Diameter should be slightly larger than the top of the legs.Again, wait until the concrete has hardened even more, then carefully turn and remove from the mold.Edge hats grind off the knife.

Pattern the cap: make a hole in it, roll out of the solution worm and shove him back half.After the final drying of the primer coat and paint the figure.

products smaller than 150 cm Galina Ara doing without the frame and fittings.A piece of soft monolith, which is then cut figure, can be done with the metal sheet: roll it into a tube and tie required diameter rope.Then fill in the solution and leave to dry.

The disadvantage - it does not get to make the figure with protruding parts, such as with arms outstretched.

more complex shapes require reinforcing elements.Kota new posts did so.At first dazzled all but the head.Then, during the laying of cement in the form of two valves stuck desired height and frame made of the head and ears of a thin wire.When the solution (to the lower jaw) is well frozen, I put the tube back, but on the frame of the boards at the level of the neck.From the bottom of the plywood with a hole cut out for the neck and filled with a solution.Head cut without removing the wooden support.After 2-3 hours removed frame, and has covered the border solution.

Masterclasses from ARINC

drinker for birds' autumn leaf ยป

Take a large sheet, such as burdock or rhubarb.On the table lay a cellophane, make a mound of wet sand, in the middle of a mound shape to set the depth of the sheet.Cover the pile with plastic.Place a sheet of streaked up, straighten it.

Knead non-liquid concrete: 3 parts sand 1 - cement, water.Cement place on the sheet thickness of the solution should be in the middle of 2 cm, the edges to reduce the 1cm. Then insert a plastic tube with a diameter of 10 cm and a height of 10 to 15 cm. Now spread its solution at the interface, fill the cavity with concrete pipes.Cover with plastic wrap, leaving a gap for ventilation, and allow the product to dry.

Do not turn the sheet earlier than two days!

After drying concrete, remove the sheet.If it comes off with difficulty, slightly moisten with water.The sheet can double Yachting lacquer paint with the addition of gold, red and orange color scheme.

Litter bin

ARINC cobble together a trapeze from old scraps.Size - the diameter of the container, which is inserted into the middle of the form.Then the walls of the wooden base form of profit.The walls, the bottom of the form and a bucket to lay plastic sheeting, cemented shut.Reinforced fine mesh.The grout has filled in the form, making the bottom of the ballot box (thickness 8-10 cm).Then put the bucket in cellophane in the form put the leaves of burdock against the wall and slowly poured the solution, holding the leaves, so as not slipped, and aligning the center of the bucket.

urn covered with cellophane 5-6 days.After drying - turned, he turned away screws at the bottom, made out of the wall.The leaves are washed with water.Top boxes and sharp edges honed blade.Urn painted.The product can be decorated with seashells.

Another idea

Frau made original decorative stones and figures from cement residue remaining on the paving: piled in heaps, and two days later a knife cut contours.Wire and wire mesh reinforced only thin crafts.

Enlarge the plasticity of the solution, you can use PVA, reduce moisture permeability - "liquid" nails.

Olika produced beautiful swans, using an inverted basin, wire and strip the old wet blanket cover.Molded and then doused with water and wrapped around a polyethylene to cement seized.A day later unwound film and smeared another layer, this time without the fabric.Neck done gradually over five days.Figurines painted with oil paint in two layers.Pebbles in the "lake" - gravel, sprinkle with spray paint.

Nyura5 proposes to make the frog dry swamp of cement and bricks from the rubble.Layout blind from clay figurines, and even with him sculpt sculpture.

Turtles and ladybugs - easy to make: they can be cut in half from the old soccer ball.At the bottom put polyethylene and pour the solution.Figures can be decorated with fragments of colored tiles.

Waldschnepfer dreams about the statues of Easter Island.Heads can be empty, Put back some plants, forming a kind of hair.

large statue will require considerable time.As a basis for them can use a thick log or bucket.The basis of wire mesh wrap.The nose, lips, eyebrows, and other small parts can be made of polystyrene, attaching them to the structure of the reinforcing grid, and filling the gap with foam.Frame obmazhte cement, dry and paint.Keeper of the garden is ready!

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