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13 May 2016
Vadimych Lives in the Astrakhan region.His property has a garden of 30 acres and 5 cows.In the district, many are engaged in cultivation and sale of agricultural products with the subsequent realization at low wholesale prices.In addition to the state of the market vegetables affects proximity to Turkey and Iran.And so you need to know exactly what to plant and when to plant.In connection with this situation, he grows in greenhouses radishes, tomatoes and herbs, and in the open field - cabbage, onions, radishes and garlic.

Planting seedlings

In his garden, where is planned to plant onions, using Ketmen Vadimych making rolls.He believes that this is the most suitable method for growing onions.They are faster than the beds warm up under the spring sun.

Planting it produces using the marker, and it is sensitive to soil moisture.If the land is buggy - it sticks to the teeth of the marker, and if dry, it crumbles into the wells.A roller guess when there is adequate moisture is much easier.

Before transplanting it takes a bit of a dry layer of the roll to the visible moist soil.This can be done, and the back of the hoe and rake.Marker making holes, slightly shaking him deepens until it stops, and then gently prihlopnuv gently pulls.Then, two outer tooth token sends a marginal wells and the process repeats until the end of the roll.

In the next step the children take the seedlings out of the box and simply arranges it in the hole.Then it did not fall asleep, and fill with water.It is very important for high survival rate.Pour via nebulizer.However, from a watering can and pour.

watering and fertilizing.Weed control

After dropping the first feeding of onion seedlings fertilizers Vadimych produces 2-3 weeks, but we must not forget and always rolls watered seedlings.

Watering the garden, he produces a pump and cheapest turntables.They with 3 mm holes sewed increased.So they are less clogged, and indeed the chopper slowly wear out at the same water flow.

as the main fertilizer applied manure, and therefore can not do without weeds.When planted onions appears 2-3 pen planting processes Goal of 25 ml sprayer.The drug contact, copes well with the vast majority bilobate weeds at a young age.After treatment, he advises several days to refrain from watering and the effect will be a few more.

More fyuzilat applies at the rate of 40 ml in a bucket of actively vegetating crops and weeds.That is, if watering is not carried out for a long time, the application will be ineffective.The drug system, so treatment is carried out at night in calm weather.But even if he gets close to growing tomatoes and cabbage, he will not hurt them.

until onion is growing, Vadimych can feed it again with mineral fertilizers on the basis of the state of growth.Fertilizers are applied in a dry form of order using a watering can with a spray shot.To do this, gently tilts watering, picking up speed and precipitation fertilizers and his step, passed along the rows.It turns quickly and accurately.

Scheme planting onions

planting scheme in three rows.The calculation is such that between the bulbs will be 7 cm. If the weather is normal in 2 months onion begins to gain the crown.In such circumstances, the head grows to 90 - 100 grams.This is the size of the chassis for sale in the Astrakhan region.He suggests that other light zone is the distance it is necessary to slightly increase.The same should be done if the task for a larger size of the bulb.

With such a planting scheme looks very attractive application of drip irrigation.Lines Series LIN and PAZ allow at a pressure of 0.2 atm with uncompensated drippers flow rate of 1 l / h at a height difference of slopes and rolls at about 0.5 - 0.7 m is sufficient to evenly distribute moisture.That is possible at low cost to water by gravity from storage onions, which is placed on a hill.


After 10 - 15 days after that feather onion starts to go, but the outflow of substances in the head is still ongoing.When appears on the bulbs dry flakes 2-3, he begins harvesting.Harvesting usually occurs in the first decade of August.

If successful, growing about 85%.a marketable product.Few days dries onions and neck completely closed.Pruning dried feathers he spends scissors shearing directly in selected rows.This is rather convenient and fast.

then sleep through the sorting table onion in a grid for storage in a dry room.In this state, the bow can store up to late spring with almost no waste.


began to grow onions, Vadimych got a full rotation and less pronounced peaks of work.For example, seedlings are planted at a time when there is no employment of late cabbage, and tomato leaves, not much time.A cleaning is at a time when late cabbage with a little work, but the tomatoes are no longer sold because of falling prices.

course, everything changes every year, but the main thing else.More and stored until spring culture prolongs sales with / x and the market share of the risks of major crops.

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