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By Admin | The Hands
28 April 2016

and the first unit of our newsletter, we dedicate handicrafts.One of the most ancient and traditional lifestyle that is at all times responsible for women's society was and remains "Embroidery (share diagram showing the master classes, discussing the art of embroidery and so on. D.) " .The topic of the same name you can get acquainted with a variety of embroidery techniques, share schemes rare drawings, to meet with master classes by our experienced embroiderers.

Decoupage recent years become a very popular hobby in our country.Because using decoupage can significantly upgrade and diversify the interior of your home, so this topic is in demand on our forum.

beading technique is one of the most difficult women's handicrafts, which requires great attention and patience.But how laborious, and just as beautiful Workshops on beading.

Knitting, sewing, working in patchwork, making rag dolls, not only occupy your time, but also help to easily make an original gift that will be filled with the warmth of a

loving hand.Your appearance gives a unique, add a touch of originality of the interior of your home.

Let's talk about decorating our site.How can we now take themselves to devote the summer growing plants.It turns out that the world of unlimited possibilities for the production of "Garden sculptures and crafts for us to open foam."

For those who work closest with a variety of solutions and modeling technique suitable topic "sculptures and other figures of cement for our garden."

"Decorative bridges, wells, windmills and carts of wood" - the theme from which you can learn lots of ideas for those who feel well when working with carpentry tools.

Do not throw away any unused battered dishes or tiles after repair, after all it can be useful to you for "Mosaic in the interior and exterior of the house, for mosaics in the garden."

Give old things a second chance to be a need in your home or at a site to enrich your imagination with new creative ideas will help the theme "From the old - a candy, or a second life of things."

"Useful things with their hands" - a theme that can even wake the sleeping imagination and give plenty of ideas for those who love originality in everything.

How to put into practice the idea of ​​creating a decoupage technique and decoration of fabrics you can see in the video workshops our needlewoman NadinT "Bottle-style decoupage" and "Christmas star with his own hands"

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